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Water Heater Leaking

When it comes to your water heater leaking, the first thing we often find when we arrive at the home is that the homeowner has waited too long. They notice water damage and black mold seeping up through floors or walls.

Case Study

Los Angeles, CA – Our team was called to a home with major black mold, musty odors and water seeping into the garage and laundry room walls.

We did a quick inspection with an LED flashlight and noticed that the bottom of the water heater at the back was slowly leaking.

Then they filed an insurance claim…

Water heater insurance claims

They filed an insurance claim and were denied because of long term damages.

Most insurance companies only cover a burst or sudden cause.

The damages were over $7,000 to dry down, remove the black mold, complete demolition and put the home back to its original state.

Call the Twin Home Experts before you file your insurance claim. We can help!

The point of this case study was to encourage you to perform periodical inspections so you never have to go through a major unforeseen expense and inconvenience.

Quick water heater navigation

  1. Check your home’s water pressure. It should be below 85 psi – water heaters will leak if pressure is above 130 psi
  2. Determine the source of the leak
  3. Turn off the power
  4. Turn off the water supply
  5. Determine the location of the leak
  6. Repair or replace

How to find a water heater leak

STEP #1 The first step is to start at the top of the water heater and check the hot and cold supply lines that connect to the pipes that screw down into the top of the water heater.

Take your hand and wipe the connections, then you can see if any moisture rubs off onto your skin. If so, these leaks can filter down through the insulation and eventually seep through the bottom of the water heater. This ends up making you think that the water heater is leaking when all along it was a leak seeping from the top.

The fix

  1. Shut the water valve off that is above your water heater
  2. If there is a recirculation pump at the water heater, make sure you unplug the power source
  3. Go inside and turn your hot water on to a few fixtures to verify that you have no more running water. Once confirmed, it’s safe to remove the old leaking water heater supply lines.
  4. Replace the water flex connectors using a stainless steel supply line

Once you replace them, turn your water heater back on slowly with a few opened fixtures inside the house on the hot side to remove and prevent air lock in your home water supply.

If this looks complicated to do, then call Twin Home Experts in Los Angeles or Phoenix and we will be on our way.

Plumbers cost

The cost to replace your leaking water heater flex connectors is around $250 to $475. 

If you determine that the top is not leaking then we encourage you to watch the video for other important steps you have to take to determine the water heater leak.

Best water heater companies near you

There are some great water heater companies that ONLY do water heater repairs or replacements. You typically get a better install at a lower price and attention to the details that most plumbers don’t do.

There are 2 different types of water heaters, tankless or the traditional tank style.

Top traditional water heater companies in Los Angeles

  1. Twin Home Experts:  818-623-8739
  2. Fast Water Heater Company: 323-300-5665
  3. Mike Diamond Services: 1-800-509-4987

Top tankless water heater companies in Los Angeles

  1. Monkey Wrench Plumbing: 310-773-3882
  2. Payless Water Heaters: 661-296-6644
  3. Twin Home Experts: 818-623-8739

Water heater replacement cost

Just in case you find out that your water heater is leaking and needs replacement and are wondering what a new water heater costs for your home.

Typically for a 40 to 50-gallon water heater is the following breakdown:

  1. Water heater: $650-$950
  2. Misc Materials: $450
  3. Drain and haul away: $150
  4. Labor: $500-$1,000

If it’s a 75-gallon water heater then it can jump up another $1,500 to $2,500.

Best water heaters that have a history of not leaking

We have installed over 600 water heaters using all brands, from Home Depot’s GE Brand to Rheem, AO Smith, and Bradford White.

Bradford White water heaters are Twin Home Experts’ favorite water heater by far. We have had fewer leak issues with Bradford White than any other water heater.

We love their customer service and they truly back up their warranties. They also have a self-cleaning feature that prevents major build up at the bottom of the water heater.

Worst leaking water heaters

Twin Home Experts have had the most leaking water heaters made by Rheem. These are the worst leaking water heater compared to any other water heater’s manufacturer. Their customer service was terrible with us too. We only say this with our own professional experience.

Well, folks hope this was helpful information on your water heater leaking issues. If you need more help call or text the Twins at 818-402-8682.