When is comes to mold on walls, The Twins have been on well over 3,500 calls in Los Angeles alone, so we know we can provide you the best tactics for dealing with the unsightly and educate you on the potential dangers of cleaning.

Removing mold on walls

*Make sure you wear the proper mask & eye wear.

  1. Find the moisture source.
  2. Grab a few microfiber cloths.
  3. Use a product like RMR mold removal and spray the affected areas, let it sit for 20 minutes.
  4. Wipe thoroughly; depending on how thick the mold biofilm is, you may have to do it twice.
  5. Use a fan and dry the walls down to get rid of any remaining moisture.

Pro tip: If you rent a dehumidifier and air scrubber, you’ll be a pro! And, it will be that much cleaner.

Twin Home Experts FAQ’s

Why do I have black mold on my walls in the first place? -Trish, Los Angeles

This is a very, very important question, prior to cleaning. You must find the moisture source, this is critical to prevent mold from ever coming back

Most often we get calls where mold is on bathroom walls, due to insufficient ventilation, slow pipe leaks, or water splashing through shower doors or the shower curtain.

Can I just use bleach to wipe it off? -Ruby, Northridge

Please do not use bleach. There is so much on the internet about using bleach, but we promise it won’t work.

We’ve been on hundreds of calls where they’ve used bleach, and it comes right back in a matter of days. You’re better off using a mold removal agent like RMR, or you can call us right now to buy our product.

How do I remove mold from my wood walls? -Ruben, Monrovia

There are products specifically designed for mold removal on wood, like our rapid mold removal agent shown in the video below; you just simply spray and wipe.

Think you have mold on your walls? Call to schedule your detection or remediation service with our team today!

Why is mold growing on my base molding and lower part of my walls only?

These are all indications that there is moisture present such as water intrusion coming from outside. Perhaps sprinklers and outside planters, foundations, a slow pipe leak in a wall – all of these we have detected to be sources.

I’m a Los Angeles renter and I keep cleaning, and it just comes back? -Becca, LA

This means that there is a moisture issue, this has to be identified. No moisture = No mold.

The other issue is too much content inside a small space packed wall to wall. This creates mold in between furniture and walls. Check out this video from one of our customer’s living rooms!

What is the best way to prevent mold on bathroom walls? -Jeremy, Studio City

The best step to preventing mold on walls in a bathroom is keeping it well ventilated. Leaving windows & doors open are the cheapest alternative.

Having a good exhaust fan like the Panasonic Whisper is ideal.

In addition, there is mold prevention paints on the market that have antimicrobial defense inside that have a long term lasting affect.

I have mold on my closet walls, and there is no leak? -Maria, Westlake

Mold on closet walls means there is no air flow, and most likely you have a lot of content inside that is creating dew point/sweating.

The best thing you can do is clean and place some charcoal/dehu bags at each corner.

These will not only assist in the extraction of moisture, but get rid of odors that are related to mold.

How much does a Los Angeles mold removal company charge to removal mold from walls? -Gene, West Hollywood

This truly depends on the extent of the mold growth along with a couple other things. What caused the mold in the first place, how wet are the walls, is it a large wall area, small wall area, is it just surface mold?

All of these play an important factor on cost.

The range we have charged here at the Twin Home Experts over our 37 years performing mold cleaning is a high of $9,300 for some extreme cases and a low of $250 for very light and small cases.

How much does mold testing on walls cost? -Tina, Brentwood

Testing for mold on walls if it’s visible, would be a swab sample which typically ranges from $125 and up and $50 per sample there after here in the Los Angeles area.

Can I test myself or do I have to hire a Los Angeles mold testing company? -Karen, Los Angeles

Yes, you certainly can. It really depends what your intention is. If you are a renter or landlord and need it for legal purpose, then no, we wouldn’t advise it. But If your a home owner and just curious, then absolutely. Here is a quick video to guide you.

Can I just paint over the walls with mold on them? -Cindy, Simi Valley

This is what we see a lot from landlords. They think if the leak is fixed, covering the mold with paint will be okay. We’ve tested many of these situations and the results were very toxic. So we say a big No to that.


Always control moisture levels inside your property, keep airflow in places like closets and minimize how much content around the perimeter of your rooms.

Contact the Mold Twins today, we’re always here to help. Thank you for visiting our site.