Twin Home Experts has performed more than 3,000 mold removal jobs here in Los Angeles. We have done our fair share of mold removal jobs across the board – from helping celebrities clean their indoor air of mold spores to removing visible black mold growing and taking over the home, ceiling and walls.

In our professional opinion, to be a leader and a master in mold removal in Los Angeles, you have to have the following credentials (in no particular order):

  1. Performed more than 500 mold removal jobs that have passed 3rd party clearance
  2. Obtain over 100 online 4+ star reviews
  3. Obtain work comp and liability insurance
  4. Licensed with CSLB
  5. Mold certification
  6. Bained using EPA approved chemicals
  7. More than 5 years in business

Renters – “Mold in my apartment”

The stated above credentials are going to be super important for you as a renter to follow, in order for you to prove your case to your landlord or legal counsel.

Our mold remediation team receives about 60 calls a month from renters in Los Angeles about their mold issues.

Let’s go over the most common questions we get from renters.

I think I have mold in my apartment, what do I do?

The first step is to hire a reputable mold testing expert to perform air and/or swab tests. These results get sent to an accredited laboratory with very specific results showing specific molds and the elevation of spore count outside compared to the inside. With this, you have proof in writing that will either get the landlord to move fast, or have to fight your case.

We always recommend sending this proof and a letter to comply to your landlord with a timeframe to complete any mold remediation needed to protect your health:

Example letter to your landlord

Dear _______,

I have not been feeling well, and I have been suspecting mold in my apartment, so I hired and paid for highly rated mold inspector to come and perform some mold testing to verify if I have mold. Here are the results which do show higher elevations of mold in my apartment than outside.

I would like to provide you access, and have this mold removed within 72 hours. In the event this is not taken care of within this timeframe with a highly rated mold removal company, I the renter will hire my own professional mold removal company and deduct the cost from rent.

I hope you understand and will have this taken care of.

Suspect there is mold in your home? Call to talk with mold testing and remediation team about your options today!

Free mold inspection for renters?

We get a lot of requests for free mold inspections for renters.

Offering free mold inspection with an actual report is very hard to do, especially when we’re between the renter and landlord dispute. There is too much liability.

Twin Home Experts is here to help guide you over the phone as to how to handle your challenge with the landlord, depending on the situation.

Now, if you see visible mold growth, all you need is to take pictures and send the above letter to the landlord along with photos.

In the event you don’t have visible mold, the only thing is to hire a Los Angeles mold inspector.

Cost to do mold testing for renters in Los Angeles?

If you are highly allergic to mold, or feel really sick from indoor air quality, then we highly recommend hiring a certified hygienist. This usually costs more, but it is well worth your investment and more importantly your health.

Renters: Top mold testing hygienist to protect you and your claims

For people that are really suffering from mold in your rental property, we recommend that you call The Mold Guy by Mark Levy. We have worked with Mark for years – he’s great but is expensive, and can range from $400 to $2,500.

If your not suffering and don’t have a weak immune system, you can go with a simple air test, with a reputable mold testing company who charges anywhere from $250 to $500.

We love using Geric with Check For Mold.

If you’re a renter, not suffering from any health issues and you have a cool landlord, these would be our recommended mold testing companies in Los Angeles:

1- Twin Home Experts: 818-623-8739

2- check for mold: 1-877-470-MOLD

3 – Amazon: DIY mold test kit, you get lab analysis and consultation

Yelp: Mold testing Los Angeles

Yelp is a good source for a lot of other business here in Los Angeles, but when searching on Yelp for the best mold testing companies in Los Angeles, I encourage you not to go with their list.


So you go to Yelp and look at the high ratings of a company and make that call, we agree this is helpful, BUT Yelp is featuring companies that have no license or insurance, with a criminal record, aren’t paying work compensation instances.

Mold removal companies can run around Los Angeles not needing the credentials of a contractor. All contractors are highly regulated, and offer way more protection for you as the homeowner than a company that doesn’t obtain one.

Google: Mold removal companies near me

This is a great place to start searching.

These companies will pop up in your area, and you can zero in on the best local Los Angeles mold removal companies.

Twin tip – Make sure you hire a mold removal company that has insurance and has a license registered with the CSLB.

You will be much safer, and have more protection if you higher a licensed contractor that is registered with the CSLB. Don’t just go off of Yelp’s best mold removal companies recommendations, most of the time they are recommending unlicensed companies.