First and foremost, if you suspect a natural gas leak, evacuate the area immediately, and from a safe location call SoCal Gas Company at 1-800-427-2200 or a licensed gas repair company like Twins Home Experts. Our Gas Emergency Line is 818-623-8739, and we are open 24/7.

Not sure if you have a gas leak in your Los Angeles property?

If you see:

  • A damaged connection to a natural gas appliance
  • Dirt, water or debris being blown into the air
  • A dry patch of grass in your yard (in an otherwise moist area)
  • Soil in a planter bed has a Grayish tint to it.
  • Exposed pipeline after an earthquake, fire, flood or other disaster

If you hear:

  • Unusual sounds, such as hissing, whistling or roaring, near a natural gas line or appliance.

If You Smell

  • Distinctive odor of natural gas, often described as a sulfur-like odor.

Note: some people may not be able to smell the odor for a number of reasons but don’t just rely on your nose.

Although a distinctive odor is added to make natural gas easy to recognize, you may not be able to smell leaking gas if:

  • You have a diminished sense of smell
  • You’re experiencing odor fatigue (normal, temporary inability to distinguish an odor after prolonged exposure to it)
  • You have a physical condition such as a common cold, sinus condition or allergies
  • You use tobacco, alcohol, drugs and certain medications
  • The odor is masked or hidden by other odors that are present
  • Pipe and soil conditions have caused odor fade

Odor Fade

Sometimes physical and/or chemical processes can cause a loss of odorant in natural gas, making it undetectable by smell. Odor fade can be caused by absorption, oxidation or any combination thereof. Because of the possibility of odor fade, it’s important to not rely only on your sense of smell to be alerted to a natural gas leak.

Odor fade is more likely to occur in the following situations:

  • New, steel pipe that has been recently manufactured or hasn’t been used for odorized natural gas before
  • Natural gas piping systems using higher gas pressure, and when natural gas flow is limited or intermittent
  • The presence of rust, mill scale, moisture, air, cutting oil, pipe thread compound, liquids, condensates and other substances

Think you have a gas leak in your home? Call to schedule your detection or repair service with our team today!

What causes gas leaks? – Allana. West Hollywood, CA

Gas leaks can occur for many reasons. Soil over a long period of time corrodes the galvanized pipes. Old valves break the seal and causes leaks, the connectors also break, log lighters in fire places aren’t used often, and then leak when finally used.

What happens when the gas company arrives? – Charlene. Encino, CA

Once the gas company arrives, they will perform their inspection and once they detect, determine the location & the amount of leakage, they immediately shut the gas system down to the property, place a lock on the incoming line & will recommend to the property owner to contact a licensed gas contractor. This is typically when Twin home Experts arrives on the scene.

What happens when the Los Angeles gas leak detection company arrives? – Daryl. Hidden Hills, CA

Depending on the location of the leak, this could be a minor gas leak detection and repair or it can be in a location where it’s challenging, for example: underground, inside a wall, in a crawl space or behind a furnace.

Here at the Twin Home Experts emergency gas division, we perform a complete gas leak detection using our UV smoke, tracing devices and gas sniffing equipment to pinpoint the exact location.

Do I call a Los Angeles plumber for a gas leak? – Bobby. Tarzana, CA

There are many plumbers here in the Los Angeles area. However, the majority just do repairs and not detection. A lot of Los Angeles plumbers hire someone to do the detection for them. Here at the Twin home Experts, we pride ourselves on having all the necessary equipment to not only detect a gas leak, but also the C-36 license to perform any repairs.

One call and we do it all.

How soon can the gas be turned on, once the repairs have been made? – Jose. Van Nuys, CA

Once the repairs are made, we typically call the SoCal Gas Company an hour prior, as they are the only ones that can come back, remove their lock and regenerate the gas to the house.

This ensures that the gas repair has been done properly and no gas leaks are present any longer. The gas company will go around and turn everything back on – such as stoves, water heaters, fireplaces etc.

Does homeowners insurance cover gas leak repairs? – Eric. Woodland Hills, CA

Gas leaks typically are not covered in a homeowners policy.

That’s because a gas leak is not like a water burst or a sewer overflow where it causes property damage. Although, you might be covered under your home warranty plan if you have one, particularly if this is a new home you moved into.

How much does a minor gas leak repair cost here in Los Angeles? – Don. Porter Ranch, CA

Minor gas leak repairs can range from $125-$650. This depends on the size of line, location of the repair and if the appliances need to be re-lit throughout.

How much does it cost to repair an underground gas line? – Joanna. Northridge, CA

Gas leaks underground are a bit more challenging to detect and repair. We have the tracing devices to locate the line underground, then we insert our own natural gas then detect using our sniffing device.

Underground gas line cost vary as well, depending on the length and size of the line, the location of the line, whether it is under grass, concrete, decking or a crawl space, etc.

For example, we just completed a gas pipe replacement using our trenchless method in Agoura Hills that was 100 feet long for $8,900. In Studio City, we did a repair for $1,260.

So average cost to repair and replace a gas line to house is between $950-$8,000.

What if my gas leak is inside the walls? – Mary. Calabasas, CA

We detect gas leaks all the time in walls. Believe or not, it’s easier to detect and repair gas leaks in a wall than underground. We detect, repair and patch the walls when we’re completed.

SoCal Gas came out, and says “I have water in my gas lines”? – Byron. Glendale, CA

Water inside a gas line means there is a break somewhere allowing the water to enter in. We detected this old galvanized line that had corroded under the BBQ allowing water inside. We extracted using our extraction equipment and performed the repair.


If you think you have an emergency gas leak, you need to call a professional right away along with SoCal Gas. Finding a company that can handle everything from the detection, to all the repairs might be your best fit. We are proud to be known for being a one stop shop for our customers – “One call and they do it all.”