LOS ANGELES – Twin Home Experts is excited to be the only mold remediation company in Los Angeles to team up with HomeLab.com to offer indoor air quality monitoring with immediate results.

HomeLab sends customers a device that is connected to their lab, and in real time if the level of particulates in the air goes up, it will alert the lab. It will be a proactive way for homeowners and renters to monitor mold levels in their homes, especially after remediation.

“Now, once we do a job, we can offer as part of our solution an indoor air quality device that maintains good indoor air quality, directly with the lab,” says owner Jim Scheulke.

When Twin Home Experts does a remediation job now, they can give options that will include this indoor air device that will be connected to the lab for the next year.

“It also focuses not just mold, but it also focuses VOCs, so if somebody has paints or harsh chemicals, cleaning agents like bleach, the lab’s going to alert them,” Scheulke says. “If hardwood floors emit gas, dust mites, any particulates in the air that can cause toxicity the lab will know.”

The lab will let you know there are high particulate counts in general, and Twin Home Experts will be back to test the air for what kind of particulates are in the air.

“It’s extra help especially with people that are asthmatic, people that have allergies,” Jim says. “It’s springtime, so this is the time to really control and see what day to day, month to week, what your indoor air quality is. This is a way to really govern and manage that.”

“Nobody is L.A. is offering this. I’ve told renters who don’t want to spent money on testing, go to HomeLab. For $125 and then $16 or $25 a month,” Jim says.

Renters can buy the device, pay the monthly, but the device is theirs to keep and take to another apartment later.

“We get a lot of calls from renters. This is a great way to monitor the home or apartment you’re renting,” Jim says. “And it’s for commercial use too, if you have a commercial use or business and you want to give employees a good environment, this is a great solution to give you a peace of mind.”