Twin home Experts, a Los Angeles plumber, has pinpointed over 250 gas leaks in Beverly Hills – as well pinpointed and repaired over 1,000 gas lines in Los Angeles.

Gas leaks are one of the most frustrating and inconvenient plumbing issues that a homeowner or business has to deal with. Nothing beats getting a call from a homeowner saying “our gas company shut my gas off!”

When the gas company comes out and shuts your gas off without any notice, it shuts down your cooking, drying your clothes and you’re left with no hot water to shower in.

How does the gas company shut off my gas?

When they come out to read your meter, they can see if you have a gas leak in your home. Without notice, they will take their specialized tool and apply it to the gas cock, turning it to the horizontal position.

Then they will attach a metal lock box around it giving nobody access, even the Los Angeles plumbers.

Twin tip

Make sure you ask the gas company where the gas leak is approximately. They do have a gas leak detector that does a good job on verifying if your exposed gas pipes are the issue, or if it’s the gas lines feeding your appliances. This will help you make a better decision as to whether you need a plumber or a leak expert who specializes in gas leak detection in Beverly Hills.

Gas leak detection

Once the gas gets shut down, most homeowners frantically go straight to google and search: “gas leak detection companies near me” and start calling down the google list.

Case study

Maria from Simi Valley had a gas leak. She called local plumbers, and none of them said they did actual gas leak detection. She sounded frustrated when she reached Twin Home Experts. We offered her peace of mind that we had all the leak detection equipment to pinpoint her leak.

How to find the right gas leak detection company?

When searching for the right gas leak detection company near you, make sure that they specialize or have the right equipment to find your leak.

When calling gas leak detection companies near you, ask these 3 questions BEFORE they come out to pinpoint the gas leak at your home:

  1. Do you have gas leak detection equipment?
  2. Can you fix the gas leak?
  3. How much do you charge for gas leak detection in Beverly Hills?

If they say yes to the first two questions, then ask if they will apply the gas leak detection cost towards your repair?

If they say yes, then you have found a good company.

Make sure they at least have 3.5 star rating online.

Top Beverly Hills Gas Leak Detection Companies

  1. Twin Home Experts Gas Leak Detectors
  2. Sherlock Holmes Leak Detection
  3. 5 Star Leak Detection

What do gas leak detection companies charge?

Gas leak detection can be more expensive in Beverly Hills, not because of the name, but because the gas lines in Beverly Hills are much bigger and longer. This is because the properties are much bigger than your typical homes in Los Angeles.

Gas leak detection can cost a range from $600 to $3,500, the average being around $1,500.

This is why it’s important to find the right gas leak detection company experts near you.

Natural gas line repair cost near me

Now that the leak is found, the biggest question we get when we find the gas leak is:

“What is a gas leak repair or gas line replacement cost?”

As we write this hopefully helpful gas line repair post, we are replacing a 200 ft gas line underground that feeds the pool equipment. The underground gas line that is leaking is made of poly pipe.

Our customer Lynwood called out 3 companies to provide a gas line replacement quote. They wanted to reroute the gas line from the meter, up into his attic, open walls in his house, and then break concrete across his patio to feed the pool equipment for around $12,800 using galvanized pipe, which is steel pipe that has to be threaded together.

This is a vulnerable gas leak system.

Twin Home Experts came in at $8,400, but we were the only company to offer our Trenchless Piping Technology. We ended up using poly pipe fused to our pipe bursting Trenchless head made by TRIC tools, and pulled a new pipe inside the old leaking underground gas line. This required three holes on the property. It is a lifetime warranty, with no threading, and resilience to earthquakes – and saved the customer a whole bunch of money, with more peace of mind.

Gas line repair cost

This is all depending on the accessibility of where the gas leak repair is. What type of gas pipe does the plumber have to repair? Typical gas pipe repair cost can range from $450 to $2,500.

How to turn your gas back on

If the gas company shut off gas and installed a lock box, then once the gas leak is fixed you have to call the gas company back out to remove the lock box and turn the gas back on to verify that the leak has been fixed.

So, to turn a gas line back on illegally is NO longer an option.

Now, if the gas company did not install a lock box, then a Los Angeles licensed plumber would be able to turn it back on.

Twin Home Experts is a 24/7 emergency Los Angeles plumber and will always be here for you.

Give us a call if you need help.