We’re proud to be the only company in L.A. with this new technology to detect the source of mold – using UV smoke testing to detect leaks.

This is a new technology for our leak detection service. What causes mold? Leaks. We are big believers in detecting where the water source is from to be able to treat the mold.

“We just purchased a state of the art UV smoke machine to detect the leaks that cause the mold,” says owner Jim Scheulke. “When we bought the equipment, nobody in L.A. has it, it’s a very specialized piece of equipment.”

When finding out the source of a leak, we often have to use water to detect these leaks that cause the mold and that water can sometimes cause more water damage into the property. We’re happy to offer a drier solution to find the source of water leaks to fight mold.

“It’s a UV liquid that turns into smoke. We turn the machine on and build our containment, areas where the breaches could be, and insert the UV smoke into areas such as walls, roofs, decks, patios and wherever those breaches are. The smoke comes and we use a UV light that interfaces with the smoke,” Jim explains. “With UV smoke, it allows us to find and detect the slightest, smallest breaches. In fact we found one that a customer hadn’t found in 10 years, who spent money on roofing, stucco.”

Twin Home Experts is proud to provide 100 percent leak detection, or your money back, since often the source of small leaks are hard to find.

“If we can’t find the leak we don’t charge,” Jim says. “It takes water for mold to begin to grow. We utilize the technology because we have 100 percent guarantee or you don’t pay. That’s why we do anything from hydrostatic water testing, plumbing inspections, anything with water sources. This is just a part of our arsenal that finds the water sources that cause mold.”

Jim points out how important it is to find small leaks. “Even the smallest leaks cause the most mold damage because it’s slow seepage, it’s longer occurring,” he says. “Where a pipe burst, you know right away. With slow seepage, it can cause more destruction to a property. So with slow seepage that means there is a small breach somewhere that’s very difficult to find with water, but UV smoke will help us pinpoint the exact location.”

Only Company In L.A. To Use Exclusive New Mold Detection Technology
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