Today, we are going to talk about drain repair cost in Simi Valley and the surrounding Ventura areas. With well over 2,000 drain repairs we’ve repaired here at the Twin Home experts, we want to share with you some great tips on the options you have, and some pricing that you can expect.

Here are some questions from a few of our customers in Simi Valley and Surrounding areas.

How do I know if I need a drain repair? – Joan C., Los Angeles, CA

Typically drains that are a continuous issue, such as odor, constant stoppages, leakage in a ceiling, wall, or coming up from a slab.

How do you find a broken drain? – Becky S., Valencia, CA

We use our sewer cameras and micro drain cameras, with state of the art location & tracing devices. This gives us the exact location and visual of what issue is which then allows us the determination of how to repair.

How do you repair drains? – Sharon, Santa Clarita, CA

Drains come in several sizes. Depending on the location and where it’s located, and what the damage is, will depend on the options for repair.

Drains under concrete slabs, in ceilings, in walls, outside, behind tub & showers all play a role in the repairs.

Options you have for drain repairs are pipe bursting, epoxy trenchless repair, perma patch, open wall, ceiling or concrete slab and manually cutting out section, or repair using cast iron or ABS pipe.

What if my drain is under the slab? – Ron H., Simi Valley, CA

When it comes to drain repairs under a slab, you have a few options depending on a few factors:

  1. If that drain line has several connections
  2. Where the location of the break is
  3. What type of accessibility on each side
  4. Is there a clean out upstream or downstream of the drain
  5. Are there post tension cables

I’m buying a house and the inspection showed roots in the main sewer pipe, what options do I have? – JJ, Simi Valley, CA

There are a few options. This will depend on the depth, and where it is located – under the concrete, front yard, driveway, city sidewalk, city street, etc.

Here are the options:

Pipe bursting – This technology requires digging two or more holes to expose the drain line underground. A hydraulic machine bursts the new pipe within the old pipe.

Warranty 50 years, cost can range from $2,200 to $8,500 depending on size and length.

Epoxy lining – This technology requires only one hole to access main sewer line. A balloon is inserted in the existing line, and an air inversion tube blows up the balloon filled with a two part epoxy resin, that’s cured for about 2 hours. Once cured, the balloon is then removed leaving a brand new line within the old line.

Warranty 50 years, cost can range from $3,200 to $10,500 depending on size & length.

Top hat – This is where if roots are in the middle of the street. A robot gets inserted down the manhole, rehabilitating the city saddle using two part resins.

The cost can range from $3,200 to $5,200.

What if the drain is broken under my concrete slab? – Melissa, Valencia, CA

There is a process to this type of repair and there are some options you have.

Here are the steps:

  1. Perform a camera inspection and locate precisely where the break is
  2. Verify if you have post tension cables in the slab. * If you do have post tension cables, then a concrete X-ray company will need to come out and mark where those cables are for the plumber.
  3. Build a barrier to prevent concrete dust from crossing over inside the other parts of your home.
  4. Trench down, and cut out section of broken drain.
  5. Install all new ABS pipe & fittings
  6. Pull any necessary plumbing permits for a city inspector to verify repairs are to city plumbing codes OR
  7. Perform a water running test and verify no leakage
  8. Patch concrete and perform a good cleaning

How much does an underground drain repair cost? – Mike G., Simi Valley, CA

This can vary depending on a few factors – location and depth of drain, is the drain under a tub or shower? If there are post tension cables, we have to be very careful when opening your slab.

All these types of situations alters the costs, but with well over 3,000 drain repairs under the slab, we’ve seen them from a high of $4,800 to a low of about $850.


When is comes to drain repairs in Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Valencia and surrounding areas, you do have options from trenchless to manually digging and repairing.

The cost can vary from $850 to $10,500 when it is on the property.

If you have any questions, or need help with drain repair, call our team today!