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The last thing we want to do when performing roof leak detection and roof repairs is walk on a concrete tile roof and start breaking them.

We see roofs all the time, where the cable guy jumps on a roof to run their cables, or the handy man doing roof repairs, but breaking tiles along the way.

Now, the concrete roof tiles are not what’s keeping the water from leaking into your home, it’s the paper underlayment that keeps the water out.

The problem with breaking or broken concrete tiles is that now you have exposed the elements (rain, wind, sun and debris) to hit the underlayment. That causes fast deterioration, and a shorter lifespan to your roof.

Steps to walk on concrete tile roof

We highly recommend that you put whoever is going on your roof on notice by following some of these steps:

  1. Ask them to put in writing that if any tiles get broken, they are be responsible
  2. Take before and after pictures
  3. Go up on the ladder and actually watch him/her walk on your roof, you will know right away if they have experience.

Tile roof repairs

When we perform roof repairs, we are mindful of how we not only walk on your roof, but how we place our tools on your roof. We always recommend placing a thick drop cloth down on the surface of the tile roof. This will prevent chips or breaks on your tiles when removing your concrete tile roof to perform repair.

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Roof leak detection

Twin Home Experts performs roof leak detection on many type of roofs. From flat roof leak detection, clay tile roof leak detection, concrete tile roof leak detection and elastomeric coatings. 

The easiest roof to perform roof leak detection is your flat roofs, but if the flat roof is really compromised, then it can be very dangerous to walk on because the substrates and plywood under the roof underlayment is rotted out. So, when you walk on concrete tile roof it is very important to walk slowly and test the area by placing one foot ahead of your walk and press down to verify if the roofing material is strong. If you feel any slight flexing or cracking noise, then move around until it’s safe to walk.

Top reason why you should walk on your concrete tile roof

Where the arrows point, these areas are sealed with roofing tar that breakdown with the outside elements (sun, rain and wind) and will leak. It’s important to perform preventative maintenance.  

Well hopefully this gave you some helpful tips and safety for your roof project.

How To Walk On Concrete Tile Roof
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