Twin Home Experts was one of the first companies doing drain cleaning in Ventura County. We started offering a low drain special of $68.00 back in 2004, because we had the best technology to rehabilitate or replace your drains.

We offered this low drain cleaning knowing that about 80% of the time, there were major issues with root infestation, etc. and fixing those would makeup for the loss in the leader special. Now that the market has changed – with the internet showcasing so many plumbers with this low drain offering, that it can be overwhelming for the homeowner.

Twin Home Experts is not only here to clear your drains, but clear your path to making sure you are NOT overpaying for drain replacement or drain cleaning in Ventura.

When it comes to getting your clogged drain cleared/cleaned, there are some great deals. and We’d like to guide you with these sure saving tips to follow, and protect you from getting screwed.

Drain Cleaning in Ventura: Cleaned vs Cleared

We say cleaned vs cleared because there is a big difference between these specials. If a drain company is offering a low drain cleaning special vs a low drain clearing special, you want to go with the Ventura drain company that says “cleaning.” This makes them obligated to actually clean your drain instead of just popping it or clearing it.

Here is an offer, and they are covering themselves by stating clearing:

drain clearing

Now, there is nothing wrong with getting your drain line cleared. However, if you have had history of drain issues and you know that there are roots, breaks and massive debris in your sewer line, then this type of drain special is a waste of money. We definitely don’t recommend throwing this money down the drain.

At Twin Home Experts, we do full drain cleaning in Ventura County.

Drain Clearing Specials

Now that you have some insight on the differences between cleaning and clearing, here are some of Ventura’s best drain CLEARING specials.

Helping Hands Plumbing: they offer a $34.99 any drain, any time! Up to 90 feet.

This is a great deal folks, and highly recommend taking advantage of this offer.

*You must have an easy access or a clean out, make sure you have this or it won’t be a good deal for you.

Here is what the ad and clean out access look like:

Drain Kings: $49.00 drain clearing special. These guys use to work for us for over 10 years, and know the drain business.

drain kings

Dutton Plumbing: They offer a $73.00 drain cleaning special and if they can’t clear it, it’s FREE.

dutton plumbing

These are great deals and they are all losing money by sending a drain technician to your house for these deals. Because of that, they will send a camera technician to your house after the drain technician has started, or completely cleared the drain.

This is when the big up-sell comes in, and you have to BEWARE. Do not buy into these three selling propositions:

  1. Your line is collapsing
  2. We can’t clear your drain line
  3. Your sewer line is leaking into the ground

What To Do

The best thing you can do is have the camera technician come out and offer a FREE camera inspection upon completion of the drain clearing, get educated on the condition of your sewer line and take notes.

Request that the they locate and provide depth of the sewer line on your property. This gives you a full scope of your sewer line and helps with getting your the best price on repair, replacement or cleaning.

When they have done this, ask them to write out a detailed free estimate, then tell them you would like to get three other opinion/bids on this sewer project. Do not buy, or fall into the trap by not getting 3 bids.

Twin Home Experts have performed over 5,000 second opinion drain estimates, and have saved homeowners anywhere from 20%-40% off. It’s amazing how much money you can save.

Give us a call for your FREE second opinion, we GUARANTEE we can save you money.

We are all about being transparent and offering contribution. If you found this post to be helpful, give us a call for your project.