Here at the Twin Home Experts drain cleaning department, we get asked questions all the time about drain cleaning. There are so many Los Angeles drain cleaning plumbing companies out there promoting a cheap drain cleaning price to pull you in.

We provide a lot of second and third opinions to clients, who have been told they need new drain lines off of these cheap ads. Almost every time, we come to find out the line doesn’t need anything.


We’re here to answer that, and answer a few more questions we’ve gotten from our customers over the last 30 years of drain cleaning in Los Angeles. We are also here to help guide you away from potential rooter drain cleaning scams that you need to be cautious of.

Let’s get right into it.

Why are Los Angeles drain cleaning companies only charging $34.99, $49.00, $55.00, $99.00? – Roger C., Los Felix, CA

It’s impossible for any plumbing company to make money with these types of pricing. What they’re truly hoping, is that your drain is in bad shape – perhaps roots, or a break that is going to need repair.

This is how they make up for, what we call in our industry, a “loss leader.” Advertise low to get to the door. Most of these companies’ drain technicians are on commission, so the more they sell, the more goes in their pockets.

So, when a company pulls out the camera, this is where it all starts.

Now, there are times that a drain line is in need of repair or a replacement, but you just have to really do your due diligence & verify it.

What should I watch out for when they arrive to do the low drain cleaning price? – Rachel B., Beverly Hills, CA

This is a great question, here are the top 5 things techs may do to be aware of:

  1. Say that they cannot clear the drain, and that a supervisor is coming out to look at the line.
  2. Run their camera and tell you that the line is broken, or looks really bad.
  3. Tell you their cable is stuck in the line and they cannot get it out.
  4. Run a camera and tell you that the line is going to explode, and it’s urgent to do a repair or replacement right away.
  5. Say that the line needs hydro jetting.

Los Angeles hydro jetting vs cable drain cleaning, what is the difference? – Gina Z., West Hills, CA

Hydro jetting is necessary for drain pipes that have excessive grease, roots or other compaction that a roto rooter cable cannot clear.

Hydro jetting is also great when the stoppage is long distance, as the hose is up to 300 feet.

Cable drain cleaning is really good for soft stoppages, like small amounts of food or toilet paper. Anything longer than that, a cable is not intended for good cleaning.

The distance on a roto rooter cable is up to 100 feet. A cable does a really good job cleaning, on its first 60 feet. Past that distance, it’s pretty weak on tough stoppages.

What are some great questions to ask when they arrive? – Brent R., Sherman Oaks, CA

  1. I really like your drain cleaning price. If you cannot clear it, do I still have to pay?
  2. If you run the drain camera and find an issue, can you please record it and mark the area where the issue is? (If they tell you no, then just let them provide you their quote for repairs)
  3. What’s the warranty if you clear my drain?
  4. If there is any issues with my drain, I will get at least three estimates. (This puts them in check and on notice upfront that your well aware of the potential selling of a repair or replacement)

What if my drain pipe is legitimately in need of a repair or replacement after they find an issue? – Mary S., Pasadena, CA

We truly believe in getting at least a second opinion. We provide at least 10 second opinions a week on drain cleaning calls that claimed repairs were needed. At least half of the calls we go out and see that they don’t need repairs or replacement.

Don’t feel pressured. Take a step back and get a few estimates, and at least verify there is an issue.

Can a drain cleaning cable break my line? – Adam. West Los Angeles, CA

It’s very, very rare that a cable can break a drain pipe. A very old cast iron line that’s very brittle can break during drain cleaning process, so do be cautious and aware that there is a potential that the line could break.

Low drain cleaning specials: From low to high

Helping Hand Bros have been running a $34.99 special for a very long time. One of the lowest specials we’ve seen.

Team Rooter is running a $44.00 drain cleaning offer.

Porch has a company that subs all the contractors out and they split profits, offering $68.

Mike Diamond Services has been around for along time and is known for the “smell good plumber.” He’s running a $99.00 offer.

Take advantage of the low drain specials here in the Los Angeles area, but YOU don’t be taken advantage of by the drain cleaning sales guys. If there is an issue, get a second opinion. We’re here to help, call the Twins today.

Los Angeles Drain Cleaning FAQ’s
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