In our never-ending search to be the best in the world of water remediation and damage, and to offer the best solutions to our customers, Twin Home Experts has now become part of an elite group of water specialists in the country using new technology to help homeowners know the first moment there is a water leak.

“We just got accepted to be on the Uponor Pro Squad Team, installing these water detection devices for the whole house, so if you’re traveling on the other side of the world and there is a water leak, you can find out about it from your phone,” owner Jim Schuelke said. “So if a toilet is running, or a pipe is leaking, it will alert you and you’re able to control it from your phone.”

Uponor certified installer

Twin Home Experts would install a device by Uponor and Belkin, called Phyn Plus, which is about the size of an iPad and was seen on “This Old House,” to the main water shutoff valve on the house. This smart water technology has a high-pressure wave sensor that alerts homeowners when a leak is detected, and shuts off the water to the home.

“It knows your kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, shower. Super excited to be able to offer this to our customers because we so often see flood damage that can be prevented and this is a perfect application to a home to prevent major destruction to a property,” Jim says. “We are certified in Uponor pipe system. You have to be an Uponor certified installer and you have to go through training.”

This technology is a good option, especially for those who travel frequently, have a vacation home, or someone who travels and doesn’t want to turn the main water valve off when they are away.

“If you have a house sitter that’s staying there with kids, you won’t have the water to the house off at that time, and there’s plants that need to be watered for irrigation and other things,” Jim says.