Here at the Twin Home Experts, we have performed thousands of toxic mold removal jobs in Los Angeles. We’ve worked inside attics, basements, crawl spaces, HVAC ducts, kitchens and bathrooms. So we want to answer the question that a lot of our customers ask us.

“How do I know if I have mold?“

Top clues that you may have mild to massive mold in your home

Our top two mold symptoms are musty odors and water problems.

Musty, wet odors that aren’t going away.

Aspergillosis mold is the most common mold we find when there is a heavy musty odor lingering. This mold is toxic and gets in the bloodstream, especially with females we have seen more vulnerabilities to this species of mold.

Water Problems.

If you ever had a leak, flood, especially a category three flood, which is sewage back up that overflowed through walls and ceiling, it’s more than likely you have mold in your home. Any type of moisture that has caused your structure to get wet, and was never treated properly can cause mold.

  • When you leave your home for several days and feel better, upon your return, you begin feeling lethargic, itchy red eyes, and itchy throat.
  • Materials like drywall, wood floor buckling, or ceilings that look damp or stains are appearing.
  • Clothing in closets smell musty or have light fuzz on them.
  • Attic with an old roof.
  • Your home sits above a crawl space with old plumbing, or deteriorated concrete foundation where water is intruding from landscape watering or rain water.
  • Your HVAC system has never been maintained, or ducts never cleaned.
  • Under your refrigerator & dishwasher can be a potential breeding ground for molds.
  • Bathrooms that lack ventilation can produce very slow mold growth.
  • Under kitchen and bathroom sinks, we find mold under these cabinets, as water leaks slow into these dark cavities where no one sees, and is a perfect environment for molds to grow.

What is the best way to determine if I have mold?

Investing in a mold test and mold inspection.

Air mold testing will provide accurate spore counts relative to the outside, so if the total inside mold spore count is higher than the outside, you have a problem.

Once these mold test and mold inspection are completed, this gives a professional Los Angeles mold abatement company a protocol to properly remove the mold from the home in the specific areas that are contaminated.

Poria Incrassata, “the house eating mold” – found during an inspection

Here is a Poria Fungus story from our Twin Home Experts customers, Bill and Connie:

“We found a yellow looking growth in the bathroom of what used to be a rental unit, it’s now my wife’s studio. We did not know what it was, but suddenly things had been stored against the wall and we didn’t notice it for a while. We smelled something, we moved some items away from a wall and saw some yellowish growth and kept looking in other places; there was more and more. Almost immediately after we discovered it, I went on the Internet.

I went to Home Advisor, searched ‘mold abatement’, and the Twins came up. David came and was very informative, shared lots of information, which I like. I wish my doctors would be more like that.

It took four weeks and it’s been stressful. I use that word a lot. You tend to question if you’re doing it correctly and, “Oh my gosh, the cost of that.” But David is personable and communicates extremely well. The treatment of the mold was done the first week, because it required the demolition of the interior of the bathroom in the back area. It had to be opened up to reveal all the mold.

Then they had to figure out where it was coming from. It turned out we needed a new sewer line also, and digging for the connection to the sewer line.

They discovered it was leaking, and probably 10 feet behind where the mold appeared in the building. David did bring in an outside consultant to check on how he was dealing with the project. They do everything. There were three phases to the project – the first was discovery and treatment of the Poria. Then there was a lot of digging to find the source. There’s also the rebuilding of the demo space.

I was contacted by other companies on Home Advisor. However, David was very convincing and in retrospect I’m glad I used him because he was able to do the whole project. He has the people and the resources, he was the main umbrella company, and he obviously had a lot of experience.

He’s been reassuring all through the process. Him, individually, and the people who have been working here for four weeks. They’ve all been very good. This poria – if we didn’t detect it, it can almost eat a whole house. This is a fungus, plant-like. I’d never heard of it. It was kind of amazing.”

Just recently at the University of Maryland, 18-year-old Olivia Paregol passed away from adenovirus. Here’s a link to the story, our hearts truly go out to the family.

So, as a close, it’s imperative that when you see, smell or have any suspicion, be sure to call out a Los Angeles mold expert. Especially if you or family members are continuing to have health issues, this could be caused by mold lurking in your home.

Thank you for visiting our website, as always, we are here to help. We offer a $99.00 mold air test if you use code “THE 99 mold test.”