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Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling

Your dream bathroom is right around the corner.

As a premier bathroom remodeling company in the Los Angeles area, we have established ourselves as an industry leader. Our team provides friendly customer service, quick response times, and high-quality work for more than 35 years.

We can help you realize your dreams for your home, and we offer affordable and honest work, performed by highly trained technicians. Our 24/7 emergency services are here to help you in the event of a home emergency.

Twin Home Experts System

Our Most Popular Colors

White Subway Tile

If you like a clean look and the feel of making your bathroom look bigger and need something that goes with everything, then consider going with White Subway Tile. It looks great with chrome hardware.

Pompei Marble

This is a mix of light and dark grey; we install this in a lot of master bathrooms.  If you want that masculine look, then Pompeii Marble is a great choice. Looks awesome with brush nickel hardware.

Bianco Travertine

This is a great choice if you like the earthy tones. This has light and darker brown tones. It does look classy and has a nice contrast with oil bronze.

Silver-White Marble

Silver White Marble is by far the most popular Bath Planet color in the country. Our Los Angeles bathroom remodeling team loves this color because it keeps your bathroom airy and visually enlarges the look and feel, especially if you have a small bathroom.


Breccia is our favorite earthy tone Bath Planet color. It’s not too dark and it’s a great neutral color. It goes with almost anything and is Bath Planet’s second most popular in the country.


“So blown away how they came in and actually did my tub to shower replacement in one day. They were spotless and did a very high-quality job. I’m going to do my other bathroom and will for sure be using them. Highly, highly recommend the Twin Home Experts.”

Traditional bath remodels are made with tile, stone and/or Fiberglass; but the latest wet area system gets even better!

With our high tech polymer materials, this wet area system truly is non-porous, low maintenance, custom, and watertight. It offers a 20-year warranty and is the only shower system that was awarded the good housekeeping seal of approval.

The drawback to this new system is that the average homeowner is not aware of these benefits, and tends to think of this system as plastic.

Having a bathroom showroom featuring the bath planet system has been a great way to contribute to making an easier purchasing decision that fits your needs and meeting the expectation for both parties.

Twin Home Experts Bath Planet Showroom

Stop by our showroom in Van Nuys to get a visual of the bathroom remodel you have in mind. We’ve got all our Bath Planet color choices on display, along with our various glass door and finishing options.


Bath Remodel FAQ’s

“I’m thinking of remodeling my bathroom, and trying to budget. How much do you charge?”

This is the most asked question we get here at The Twin Home Experts bath customer care call center.

When it comes to pricing, budgeting is truly important, every property owner has a certain budget, style of home, desires, motivations to get it ready for a sale, a rental or plan on living in the home forever.

When it comes to pricing, this also depends on finishes, type of bathroom fixtures, vanity, tile, marble, flooring lighting & plumbing. Bathroom remodeling in the Los Angeles area on average can run an investment high of 25,000.00 to a low investment of $2800.00

You notice how I say investment, it truly is an investment, check cost vs value by

“Can I save money by buying all the materials?”

You certainly can save at least 10 to 15% and possibly more, depending on what the bathroom remodelers you choose markup. You can always ask them directly.

One thing to consider is the warranty of the items you purchase. For example, if you order your own plumbing fixtures, and they’re defective, it may cost you more in the long run, and not to mention your time to deal with it. Typically there is no warranty on customer provided materials – only the install portion.

“How long does a bathroom remodel take to complete?"

Master bathroom: These bathrooms are larger in space, and most Los Angeles home owners invest more in this space than any other bathrooms. Depending on how much is involved in the remodel, it can last 30 days, or be done in as quick as one day.

For example, if you are relocating plumbing fixtures – such as toilets or sinks, if your doing a tub to shower conversion, wall relocation, lighting, permit requirements etc it can take as long as 30 days to just one day.

Check out the video below.

Guest bathroom: This can from 1 to 15 days, depending on the same scope as described above.

Powder bathroom: This can be completed within 1 to 10 days as well.

“How do I find the best Los Angeles bathroom remodeling companies?”

There are many resources out there, we always recommend getting at least three bids.

Here are four places to search:

  1. Contact your friends & family members – they’re the best resource.
  2. Connect with your neighbors – they will offer good feedback
  3. Local building supply houses –  ask for the general manager, and ask him/her who they would recommend.
  4. Online – do your thorough research, and check their online reputation.

“Once I choose a bathroom remodeler, what should I look out for when I sign the agreement?”

Make sure there is an agreement in place, that’s detailed in the scope of work. Make sure they list the total amount, the description of each task, type of materials and model numbers of fixtures.

Make sure they provide you warranty information and payment schedule. Any remodeling company that asks for a 50% deposit – beware and DO NOT PAY, (in addition, it’s against the law.)

Here’s an example of a good payment schedule for a $10,000 remodel:

  • 10% deposit upon signing
  • 20% upon delivery of materials and demolition of the bathroom
  • 20% upon completion of flooring, plumbing, and painting
  • Remaining balance upon completion, final walk through and city permit final.

Check their contractor’s license at make sure their fully insured, bonded & licensed.

Ask how they are going to protect your home from dust & cleaning, and make sure you add that to the agreement.

Add a time limit in the agreement as well, so if they go past the days they agree, you can deduct a certain amount from the contract for every day their late.

For example, both parties agree that in the event bath remodel is not completed by (due date) then $100.00 per day will be deducted from the remaining balance owed.

“What’s the process from start to finish?”

The first process is choosing exactly what you want as far as paint colors, finishes, plumbing fixtures, vanity style, etc. Our customers come to our bathroom showroom, here in Van Nuys. This helps with getting the first stage completed, it’s super exciting to create & help design a new bathroom.

Once everything has been chosen, then the next process is demoing and preparing to install a new bathroom.

12 basic steps in the bathroom remodeling process:

  1. Obtain a Los Angeles city permits where applicable pertaining to job
  2. Apply floor coverings and dust-prevention materials in preparing for demoing.
  3. Disconnect & remove any old plumbing while the walls are open.
  4. Install new plumbing, electrical in walls or in flooring
  5. Call for city inspection if applicable
  6. Patch walls, flooring pertaining to work once city inspection is approved
  7. Install new tub, shower tile, acrylics, marble, etc
  8. Install flooring and base molding if applicable
  9. Install vanity & toilet
  10. Install plumbing fixture trim
  11. Paint & Install any items like shower towel holders, toilet paper holder, lighting trim
  12. Thorough clean up & walk through with homeowner/inspector