Mold can be a daunting subject for homeowners and people who have chronic mycotoxic-related illness. We’re excited to announce our new Mold page that we hope will be a one-stop shop for anyone dealing with mold issues. The page will have educational information, resources, tips, and success stories of other Twin Home Experts’ clients. When dealing with mold, know that you are not alone!

“We’re getting a lot of people that don’t really understand the causes of mold or the signs of mold in their properties, and oftentimes especially with these last rains, we are bombarded because people try to just put a fan for drying and that’s not sufficient and what happens is it’s causing secondary damage,” says Twin Home Experts owner Jim Schuelke.

“There’s not education out there, so we can educate people not only from our L.A. area, but we get all the mold news across the country of what’s happening. For example, the lady in Maryland who had mold and died. Even with the school, if they would’ve listened to the complaints from the students then it could have resolved this issue because they were complaining about fuzzy stuff on clothes they would wipe off.”

We hope this Mold page will help guide people on how to not only deal with mold, but we’ll also feature our friends – such as the Mold Guy, as well as our resident medical intuitive and homeopathy expert Dr. C.

No other mold remediation company in Los Angeles offers the broad scope of solutions – complete with a medical intuitive – that we’ll share on our Mold page!

“We want to create resources of where they can go. I want to put in Dr. C – we’d like to feature him as a go-to person for any potential symptoms, so – from education to treatment, and really address the moisture issue,” Jim says. “A lot of companies can test and treat, but there’s not a lot of companies that can find the leak, fix the leak and take care of it all. From a health standpoint this is important. We can feature Mark and the twins for mycotoxic testing. Mark can add some of his insight as he features us on his blog as far as water detection.”

The Shuelke twins hope you’ll come to see our Mold page as a helpful resource when dealing with mold and water issues!

“Mold needs moist conditions, so we’re not only about treating the mold, but more importantly we’re about finding the water source and that’s what separates us. We have a C36 plumbing license, we go beyond other mold remediation companies,” Jim says.

He knows these “extras” we’re doing, will be of service to those who need our help in dealing with mold.


Check out the page for Los Angeles mold information and so much more…