We take mold very serious here at the Twin Home Experts mold department. When it comes to mold removal for your Los Angeles property, it’s imperative to do your due diligence when choosing a mold removal company.

Today, we’re here to answer the questions directly from some of our customers.

“I found just a little mold under my kitchen sink, can i just use bleach to remove it myself?” – John L., Sherman Oaks, CA

First and foremost, NO BLEACH. Bleach does not remove mold, it actually feeds the mold to grow more. Property owners certainly can attempt to remove a small section themselves, depending on the source of the leak or moisture that created the mold growth in the first place, how far it has migrated, as mold typically spreads 2 feet in either direction.

We would recommend hot water & dawn soap over bleach. The other thing to consider is wearing the proper protective personal equipment when performing the cleaning.

“How do I know who to hire, when it comes to a Los Angeles mold remediation company?” – Melissa B., Pacific Palisades, CA

There are many choices out there in this great Angel city of ours. We believe strongly that when choosing one, they should either come from a family or friend referral, or perhaps a neighbor that experienced mold damage.

If you’re choosing from online, then we always recommend acquiring two to three bids. If any company tries to use scare tactics, then it is more than likely they’re desperate for a job and look elsewhere.

Five quick Twin tips to look for, ask and request

  1. Look for their online reviews, Yelp, Facebook, Google & BBB – or just simply Google their business or personal name.
  2. Ask for at least 5 references of jobs they’ve recently completed.
  3. Request a copy of their proof of insurances & certifications.
  4. Ask them how long their warranty is and if they provide certifications.
  5. Do they find the moisture, repair the the leak and finally put your home back when the project is all completed to its original condition?

“How do I know the mold is all gone once they say it’s finished?”  – Larry P., Inglewood, CA

This is a great question & concern. For your protection, you can hire a Los Angeles third party mold testing company to come and perform what is called a post test and mold inspection to determine the quality of work once completed.

That company will either pass or fail the work. If the work fails, you do not need to pay for another treatment – that’s on the mold removal company. If it passes, you as the property owner will get a certification directly from them, releasing the mold company from the project.

Typically for post testing, the fees can range from $250.00 to $650.00.

How do I know it won’t come back? – Susan W., Pasadena, CA

Attacking not only the mold, but the moisture source, is the most important task at hand. Without moisture, mold cannot grow.

There are also products on the market like our 10-year warranted mold inhibitor sealer that can be applied, this application stops any fungus from any food source.

“How much does a Los Angeles mold removal company charge?”

This varies due to so many factors.

What was the cause of the moisture – was it a drain pipe or fresh water? How long has the leak and damage been occurring? Where is the location of the mold and how far has it spread?

Has it gone into your ducts, or any other parts of the house? All of these play a role in producing a protocol and pricing for the job.

We have completed mold jobs for as little as $450.00, but we have also had jobs that have been up $24,000.00.

“Does homeowners insurance cover mold removal?” – Eric B., Los Felix, CA

Most insurance policies don’t cover mold removal, unless you have a separate mold rider in your policy. If you do have coverage, it is more than likely you will have coverage up to $5,000.00. You can always speak to your insurance agent.

Hope this answered all of your questions and concerns regarding mold removal in Los Angeles. We truly appreciate you visiting your site today. Contact the Twins to book an appointment or if you have any further questions.