We get calls all the time where people are not feeling good when they’re home, the first thing they think of that could be possibly causing their symptoms is they have black mold. This could very well be the culprit, but often times it’s these common suspects that you need to watch out for.

We’ve come up with a list of signs that your home is unhealthy.

10 signs of unhealthy home

  1. HVAC system

One thing we see so often when we arrive to a home inspection, is vents & ducts that have never been cleaned. They may not be in your line of vision, like dirty dishes at the sink – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need cleaning. Especially, floor vents like these.

unhealthy home vent

Vents harbor a ton of dust from the air and when your sweeping particles slowly creep inside.

dirty vents unhealthy home

You can remove the vent covers, wipe things down and clean it all, but you’ll need to hire a pro. A professional will use compress air to agitate further downstream of your ducting. Here at the Twin Home Experts, we use pure HEPA filtration and air extraction when cleaning ducts.

2. Vacuum Filters

You’re forgetting to change the filters on your vacuum. If your using a HEPA filter, you’ll want to change it every 6 months OR whenever you start to see signs of wear and tear.

3. Bathroom

Your bathroom has very poor ventilation. We see so much of this causing poor indoor air and potentially damage to a home. Having adequate air flow in a bathroom is critical

4. Dusting

You’re simply not dusting correctly. If you live in a two story home, make sure you dust from high to lower levels. Doing so allows the dust to settle once you get to the lower level. Use a damp cloth to dust as opposed to a dry duster.

5. Gutters

Make sure you clean your gutters! Believe it or not, we see gutters that are so compacted that water intrudes inside the ceiling, walls, basement etc.

“check out our video how to clean gutters “

6. Bedroom

Is your bedroom musty? Take time to move your bed and furniture away from the walls. Dust and vacuum all around the room – these areas are a breeding ground for particulates & mold.

7. Wearing shoes around the house

Here at the Twin Home Experts, when our experts arrive, we enter inside a home with our shoe booties. Did you know that researchers from the University of Arizona found that shoes track in 400,000+ bacteria’s per shoe? Including E-Coli, a strain bacteria known to cause illness.

Check out our plumbers boot video:

8. Dog sleeping with you

We know that they’re cuddly, warm, loving and may help you sleep. But consider if you’re walking them throughout the neighborhood. You can bet they’re tracking in ticks and dirt along with pet dander. This means that you’re subjecting your sleep to all these.

dog sleeping with you

9. Refrigerator and dishwasher

Oh boy, grab a flashlight and go check yours out. It is scary what we find on our home inspections. Every time you’re sweeping in your kitchen floor, that debris are being shoved under the appliances each time. Mold, mites & dander love this environment. We recommend cleaning under them at least 1 time a month.

10. Too much moisture

While moisture in a home is perfectly normal – cooking, bathing, and even breathing all contributes to adding excessive moisture. Mold love homes with humid environments, it’s bound to grow in ceiling areas & corners.

Twin tips:

Dave’s: Open doors & windows periodically and perform a fresh air exchange. Our homes today are so tightly sealed, we live in the same air day to day, flush it out!

Jim’s: Apply a little vanilla extract on your HVAC filters. This will create a nice aroma throughout your house, you can even use essential oils like lemon or mint.

If you’re not feeling good when you’re home, and you feel better when you’re away, we recommend hiring an indoor expert to assist in locating the issue.

There are air tests that can be performed, such as mold, VOC (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, tobacco & smoke tests. You can even test your drinking water to measure the PFO’s.

We sure hope this was helpful, if you have further questions or want to book a home inspection, please feel free to contact the twins.

E-mail or call anytime: 818-623-8739 or support@twinhomeexperts.com.