What does Bath Planet cost?

This is a question we get all the time, even googles search engine states that this is a high keyword search. As a bath planet dealer, we decided to answer that question right here in our bath planet showroom.
This blog post and video posted above should help homeowners in the Los Angeles, CA and Tucson, AZ areas get an idea of their budget for the next bathroom remodel.
There are a whole bunch of features included in a Bath Planet System! These factors will determine whether your bath planet costs lean towards the lower or higher end of things.

Lower cost bath planet systems:

  • no shower doors
  • no seats
  • chrome finish
  • basic shower valve and pan
  • no corner or shampoo shelves
  • white or biscuit walls
  • no ceiling panel
  • no recessed lights in shower
If your bathroom budget is tight, then you would have to consider going with those features listed above. This will be around $90 per month financed, or cash out costs of $5,982.00 with ALL discounts.

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Higher cost bath planet systems:

On the opposite end, if your budget will allow a higher bath planet cost, then you can expect to pay an average of $8,500.00 which would include the following:
  • new sliding shower doors
  • custom shampoo niche
  • corner storage shelves
  • new custom shower pan with color matching walls
  • ceiling panel wrapped
If you have an allotted budget that is more than the average bath planet cost of $8,500.00, then there are several additional options available! With the flexibility of a large budget, you can do a true custom bath planet conversion with a top of the line system.

bath planet cost

Luxury bath planet system cost:

What does a top-of-the-line luxury shower bath planet cost?

We have done them as high as $15,000.00 – around $300.00 per month if you finance. This high cost opens up all of these choices to customize your dream bathroom:

  • custom shower glass and brushed nickel shower doors
  • shower seat bench
  • rain shower head
  • brushed nickel handheld spray and diverted with temperature control valve
  • LED lighting
  • mold and water damage treatment
  • tile work
  • upgraded plumbing system
  • and a few more bells and whistles…
The bath planet cost that have been mentioned above are averages of each tier, and it will vary depending on the bathroom size.
If you have any questions about getting a bath planet system of your own installed, give us a call at 818-659-8367.
If you’re in our area, please stop by or make a appointment for your bathroom remodel with one or our bathroom design consultants – free of charge – so we can give you an exact bath planet cost.
Bath Planet Systems: How Much Do They Cost
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