Getting rid of the rotten egg smell in your basement

So your basement smells like rotten eggs.

Have you exhausted all efforts to trying to stop that rotten egg smell in your basement? Hired ALL the experts to locate but just can’t seem to find the solution?

We hope the Twin Home Experts learning center will give you the insight you are looking for.

Twin home experts have performed over 1,500 leak detections in the Los Angeles and Phoenix areas, solving sewer gas odors and that mast rotten egg odor that can cause major inconveniences.

We’ve got recent clients here in Los Angeles who went through 1 year of loss rents from tenants due to an odor that nobody could find. They found us on our YouTube channel and they put us to the test!

We are so confident that we will detect leaks and odors that other leak detection experts can’t find, we will do it for FREE if we can’t solve the problem.

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At the house

We arrived at the house, and sure enough it was a really bad rotten egg, sewer gas smell lingering in the basement.

Step 1 – The first step we took was to rule out ANY sewer pipes that we uncapped, cracked or left disconnected. The entire sewer system was replaced with new ABS pipe and fittings.

We then Performed a smoke test and nothing showed up as a breach in the entire sewer system.

Step 2 – We tested the gas lines in the basement. To verify no leaks, we use gas sniffing devices, but we recommend soap and water and make bubbles to apply on ALL the proximity gas joints, if any bubbles get big, this indicates a gas leak.

We verified and confirmed that it wasn’t a gas leak.

Step 3 – We then sniffed out every square inch of the basement concrete flooring, what we pin pointed was amazing!

It was a smell coming up through the concrete floor in a 12 inch by 12 inch area.

We then set up proper air filter scrubber machines and properly prepped the area for the excavation of this affected area.

We excavated down to 4ft and discovered 2 major things:

1 – table water

2 – rotten egg smell in the soil

We knew that this was a uncontrollable environment and needed to be addressed utilizing some creative methods, to exhaust outside the exterior of the home VS trying mask the issue.

basement smells like rotten eggs   basement smells like rotten eggs again

Basement rotten egg smell solution

Step 1 – Backfilled the hole using 3/4 to 1 inch rocks, terminated at the bottom of concrete by leaving about 4 inches of concrete to fill.

Step 2 – Installed a cast iron 3-inch floor sink, turned it upside down and laid it center of the hole, directly on the surface of the rock bed.

Step 3 – Poured concrete around the base of the floor sink, sealing the floor back up using 2500 psi concrete.

– Let this cure for 5 hours, before going to step 4

Step 4 – Install 3-inch abs pipe and fittings from the floor sink pipe stub out and terminate to the outside. This can be vented out using a inline fan motor – this will help draw the odor to the outside.

The cost for this type of work can be anywhere from $1,500.00 to $6,500.00

The system and Twin Home Experts

This system designed by David Schuelke, owner of Twin Home Experts. This leak and odor detection was a huge problem solver for our Los Angeles clients. We are happy that they now have two paying happy tenants!

Hopefully this helped solve your basement rotten egg smell, or at least give you some great tips. Twin Home Experts is here for you 24/7. Please reach out or if you need our services for this type of leak detection services for your home. We travel anywhere.