Twin Home Experts was inspired by the consumer to build out a bath planet twins showroom, WHY?

Traditional bath remodels are made with tile, stone and/or Fiberglass; but the latest wet area system gets even better!

With our high tech polymer materials, this wet area system truly is non porous, low maintenance, custom and water tight. It offers a 20 year warranty, and is the only shower system that was awarded the good housekeeping seal of approval.

The drawback to this new system is that the average homeowner is not aware of these benefits, and tends to think of this system as plastic.


We often we get asked questions like “Do you have something we can touch? Do you have something that we can see? Can we see the colors?”

In fact, we get these questions so often that it led us to building out the Twin Home Experts bathroom showroom.

The showroom experience has been huge in facilitating the decision making process for our clients.

A great example of this is when one of our clients was picking out a seat. With the four options that we provide, she tested each one, later to find that our custom bench seat was the perfect fit for her tush.

She was also able to go through and pick out our options on the lighting packages that we offer.

We recently had a customer in our Phoenix and Tucson Arizona location find our bathroom showroom video on YouTube. That gave them the visual of the most popular colors we offer, our shower valves and shower head options, and different ways we can design these bath planet tub or shower conversions.


Bottom line, having a bathroom showroom featuring the bath planet system has been a great way to contribute in making a a easier purchasing decision that fits your needs and meeting the expectation for both parties.

If you’re in the market for a bathroom remodel, or are interested in seeing some options, give us a call at 1-800-422-8032 or fill out the form. Want a virtual tour? Check it out below!