Installing your new water main can be broken down into two steps.

Step # 1 – Removal and Excavation

Prepare the area on each side of the sidewalk using thick plastic or card board, this is where the dirt will be stored during your project .

Then proceed with the removal of your water meter box – this gives you plenty of access to install and makes connecting your water line much easier.

Next, you want to use a square shovel and cut the grass into squares and remove carefully, putting them on the opposite side of where your going to store your dirt, this keeps the grass clean and safe. Here at the Twin Plumbers, we like to place them down the same way we took them out, so that way they go back in making the job look like we were never there.

Now your ready to start excavating! Start at the water meter side first, this gives you insight on where the existing water line travels and where you are going to run your new water line.

Once you expose the existing water main on the water meter side, make sure you trench as far as you can under the sidewalk. Then go to the other side of sidewalk and line up your new trench to the new hole that your about to excavate. Again, trench as far under as you can at the same depth.

Step # 2 – Installation

Now your ready to install that new water main under your sidewalk :

Tools you will need :

  1. Sledge hammer
  2. Tape Measure
  3. Pair of leather gloves
  4. Copper pipe tubing cutters

Water Main Installation Guide:

The first thing you want to do is measure the length of the sidewalk, then add enough footage to each side to compensate for cutting and cleaning for your connections and soldering. The goal in this step is to just get the pipe under that sidewalk just enough so you can make connections easy.

The next step is to beat the end of copper pipe and completely close off the end, so dirt will not be able to enter. This is the most important step because if you leave a gap in the end of the copper pipe, dirt will compact inside the water line preventing water flow and dirt inside your homes fixture causing major grief.

The next step is now to cut the copper pipe to your needed measurements, then place the water main as low as you can and line up to the other side of the side walks pre-hole, get those gloves on and start pounding away!

We hope this was informative in helping you execute getting that new water line under your sidewalk. Please leave your comments, or if you have any questions please give us a call at 818-927-6309.



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