Washing machine smells?

If your washing machine smells, this is likely the cause. Check out the video and follow along to get yours smelling fresh again!

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Poria Incrassata: A House Eating Fungus

Poria Incrassata thrives in wet conditions, dehydration important. When it comes to construction, it’s imperative to prevent the rhizomorph from reaching the structure.

Poria Incrassata: How Do I Treat It?

Do you suspect you’ve Poria Incrassata growing in your home? Treatment can be an easy fix or a challenge, all depending on where it’s at and how much it’s grown.

How to Replace a Shut-Off Valve Under Your Sink

If you’ve got a shut-off valve that needs replacing, but would be more confident in having someone to the job for you, give us a call at 818-623-8739.

Tucson Arizona Bathroom Remodel Costs

Twin Home Experts wanted to take time out here in our Tucson, Arizona location and answer the most asked question: “What does a bathroom remodel cost in Tucson, Arizona?” We’ve got some answers!

Bath Planet Systems: How Much Do They Cost

We often get asked about the cost of a Bath Planet system. In the lists below you can see the features that will impact the cost of your system, and whether you can keep the cost relatively low, or are looking to splurge.

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