Toilet Tips: How to get your toilet smelling like roses

Jim here with The Twin Home Experts. Today for our toilet tips, we wanted to give you a secret before going number two.

You know what it’s like with those unpleasant odors. You try to use the fan, you try to use a spray, you try to open up the window, and it just doesn’t get rid of it 100%. So we wanted to give you our inside tip as to what you could do to help prevent those odors, probably about 99%.

We like using an essential oil. Obviously, it’s something that’s environmentally friendly. Today we’re going to demonstrate using the citrus fresh scented oil. Before you do business, it’s very simple, just add a couple drops like that, and what that does is it creates a blanket on top of the water, not allowing the sewer odor gases coming through the water.

This is definitely a huge, huge tip to help you from those embarrassing moments.

Well, we sure hope this was helpful and, as always, thanks for watching.

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