When it comes to Los Angeles water leak detection companies there is NOT a lot to choose from like there is with your Los Angeles plumbers; a majority of plumbing companies don’t own or have not been trained to pinpoint underground leaks.

It’s imperative to hire the right leak detection company in LA depending on your circumstances.

Let’s start off with the top two most common leaks that occur and subscribe to you the best companies that fit these specific leak detection needs and offer the best bang for your buck.

Slab and external leaks

  1. Most common leaks that happen in a Los Angeles home happen underground which are defined as “slab leaks.” Slab leaks are leaks under your foundation that surface up through your floors and walls.
  2. The second most common leaks we have to find are external leaks due to high water bills. These leaks can be tough to find and does most often require specialized equipment to find these underground landscape leaks. The same companies we recommended under slab leaks are the best fit to locate these type of leaks. Typical charge for these will be around $350.00 to $650.00.

The best way to locate these external underground leaks is going to be with using nitrogen; the water system gets pumped up with nitrogen gas, then our acoustic and or sniffing equipment will pinpoint the loudest underground sound which is a high frequency of bubbling.

These leaks are annoying and sometimes long term that can cause secondary damages such as water damage, mold and musty and mildew smell or a full blown burst pipe that caused major flooding.

Top four picks

Leaks such as the slab and external ones are best suited for your local plumber. These kinds of leaks won’t be found using electronic leak detection equipment; it takes an experienced plumber to run different test to find these. This type of leak detection costs can range from $150 to $1200; the average is $400.00.

Although there are a few leak detection companies in Los Angeles, we have compiled a list of those we think are the best. You can count on the following companies to find leaks under the foundation of your home serving the greater Los Angeles area:

1. Twin Home Experts

We typically don’t like saying we’re the best, but in this case there is no other leak detection company that can handle finding the leak, repairing the leak and handling water damage remediation, mold mitigation, reconstruction and process your insurance claim properly and get you the most money back.

We bill your insurance company for everything except the plumbing repair which insurance companies NEVER pay for. Twin home experts Slab Leak Detection costs typically is 250.00 to 450.00.

See what one of our clients had to say about our leak detection services:

5 / 5 stars

“I used Twin Home Experts to locate a leak another plumber couldn’t. They were saying it was the water proofing on the stucco allowing water to seep into the walls. I needed an expert fast and ASAP. I was able to get a next day appointment which is awesome! #fastservice. David came out, greeted me with a great big smile – very nice guy. Gave him a tour and one hour later problem solved. We now pin pointed the source and now it’s time to get that fixed. Thank you so much guys. Highly recommend you guys. Nice, friendly and knowledgeable!” Romeo B.

For more testimonials, click here.

2. Curmax Leak Detection

One man operation but here a lot of great things about his skill level in finding leaks.

3. Pin Point Leak Detection

Their name says it all! They have great technology and owners involved, they have been around a long time and have a great name, they will pinpoint the slab leak, trace out underground piping, they bill your insurance to pay. Pin Point Leak Detection costs $250.00 to $350.00.

Cons: they don’t do any repairs

4. American leak detection

These guys are the biggest in the industry and have a relationship with the insurance company.

They usually will bill the insurance company directly. They typically charge $250.00 for the first hour, then $200 an hour after that.

Leak detection in Los Angeles and Phoenix

It’s one thing to be aware of a leak in your home, but it’s another thing to know exactly where it’s coming from. While we don’t expect you to locate the source of a leak, we do hope that you’ll recognize the warning signs in your home.

Be sure to call our leak detection experts as soon as you can if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Hearing running water even though you know all the fixtures in your home are turned off
  • Seeing hot spots on the floor
  • Noticing cracks in your walls or floors
  • Seeing mildew or excessive moisture under the carpets
  • Realizing that your water bills are higher than normal, and you know it’s not because of increasing rates
  • Foul odors coming from floors or walls near drains/sewers
  • Water meter reading fluctuations even though you aren’t using any water
  • Uneven vegetation growth or ground shifts
  • Identifying the source of a leak shouldn’t end there

When we find a leak, we fix it. Every Twin Home Expert goes through our state-of-the-art training facility, guaranteeing same-day service to save you both time and money.

Plumbing leak detection

Because the plumbing that runs through your home is often buried beneath the foundation or sealed behind walls, we need to use specialized leak detection equipment to get to the source and repair it as soon as possible. In the past, plumbers would have to tear out walls and ceilings just to find the problem area. Fortunately, technology has made this process much easier.

We use several different types of leak detection equipment, including:

Infrared leak detection: With this method, our plumbers can see below floors, into walls, and underground.

Ultrasonic detection: This uses sound technology to measure variation and sound loss in your pipes.

Video inspection: Our preferred method of detection, with a video camera inspection we can visibly see into the pipes. We send a camera down to take pictures and videos of your plumbing to find where the leak is located, and what caused it. Not only does it help us determine the best course of action going forward, but it allows you – the homeowner – to fully understand why we choose the repair route that we do. You will know the severity of the problem and all possible solutions before going forward.

Smoke detection: This is often used as a last resort, but if it’s necessary we will pump harmless smoke into the pipes and look for the areas where the smoke escapes.

Rain leak detection

From El Nino-like storms to flash floods, Los Angeles homeowners are no stranger to inclement weather and its consequences.

With expert assistance and professional rain leak detection equipment, repairing the resulting damage can be made easy. If left untreated, however, hidden leaks can do irreversible damage to a home and cost you more money.

Be sure to call our rain leak detection experts as soon as you can if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Hearing running water even though you know all the fixtures in your home are turned off
  • Seeing hot spots on the roof
  • Noticing cracks in your walls or roof
  • Seeing mildew or excessive moisture
  • Foul odors coming from roof or walls near me
  • Uneven vegetation growth or ground shifts

Our Promise

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our minds, we won’t leave any job incomplete until your plumbing system is back in working order and you, the client, is pleased with the finished product.

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Water Leak Detection Companies in Los Angeles – Who is Best, And What They Charge!
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