Clean Rain Gutters – fast and easy

This edition of Twin’s Tips and Tricks is all about clean rain gutters!

With Fall right around the corner, and we wanted to share insight on the best and easiest way to clean out those gutters.

The standard way most people clean rain gutters is just too complicated! Using a water hose, ladder, bucket and maybe a spatula – climbing up on the ladder, turning the water on and try to scrape at the same time you are hosing down the gutter. What a mess!

We’ve developed a really cool thing that we wanted to show you, and you can see it in the video above. All you need is 3/4 PVC, and a couple 45’s and a 3/4 cap with a hole in it.

Its got a double connection at the opposite end that connects to a male adapter and water hose.

The pressure built up through the pipe pushes the leaves out, making the process so much easier for you.

We hope this can simplify your cleaning routine, and bring out the creative side in you with a little DIY project!

Happy Fall,

Twin Home Experts


If you would rather someone come and clean them for you, give us a call – 818-623-8739. Check out our site for more services that we offer!

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