Leaks have the potential to cause widespread problems in your home. Water damage and mold can impact you for years to come, especially if you don’t detect a leak as soon as possible. Once you discover the issue, you need to go through proper remediation and repair methods to dry the area, fix affected areas and maintain good air quality. The cost associated with each type of leak varies based on the complexity related to detecting it.

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Slab Leak Detection Services

home leak detection services

These leaks occur underground in your house slab and are commonly found in earthquake-prone locations. Hard water and soil chemicals can also create a situation that causes cracks, hot spots and a consistent water sound. Professionals use a combination of electronic location equipment and acoustic tools to discover the origination point. You will pay between $99 to $700 for this service.

Ceiling Leak Detection Services

home leak detection services

Nothing is worse than looking up and seeing water drip down from your ceiling. This unintended water feature can quickly cause trouble in your living area. You may see leaks running along your walls or even into your light fixtures. When the AC or shower goes on, the room below could end up with a puddle. The cause of this problem requires hydrostatic water testing, infrared cameras, extensive running water tests & smoke testing to discover. Professionals may cut into your ceilings or walls to get the access necessary for this process. You pay anywhere from $250 to $2,500 for this detection service.

Basement Leak Detection Services

home leak detection services

You have a hard time enjoying your basement if it fills with water every time it rains. A foundation leak may result from compromised water-proofing materials, breach in the concrete foundation that can’t stop water from seeping up. Your basement is the lowest point in your home and the path of least resistance, so the groundwater comes right in. This type of leak is one of the most expensive due to its challenging nature, and costs between $500 to $2,500 to detect.

Roof Leak Detection Services

Your roof acts as a barrier against the elements, and a failure could result in widespread damage. Rain and snow can leak between walls, damage the structure of your home and produce hard to detect mold. You may not realize there’s a problem until you see visible symptoms, which occur after a long time has passed since the start of the water damage. Due to these difficulties, your cost is $500 to $3,500 depending on the required demolition and the number of leaks.

Do you suspect your home has a leak that’s causing water damage? Get a professional out to your property as soon as possible, as your costs go up the longer you wait.

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