This is a question we often get asked here at the Twin Home Experts, and in today’s post we want to discuss if you really should be concerned or not about mold in your crawl spaces.

Your discovery of mold under your crawl space was probably more than Likely from a plumber, termite, pest control or some type of professional performing a repair under your property. The last thing you wanted to know or hear is that you have potentially a big mold problem.

Signs & symptoms will tell you if you’re having an indoor air quality issue. Here at the Twin Home Experts, we truly believe that one will smell or feel the effects of mold if it has entered into the breathing space.

One sure way before you get alarmed or scared is to hire a mold inspector that can test inside immediately.


When we get these calls in our mold dispatch call center from our concerned customers, we arrive with an air scrubber device with pure HEPA filtration while we perform and wait from the mold lab, which is typically a 24 hour turn around.

This will begin to clean any particulates in the air if airborne.

Beware Of Mold Experts?

We have seen scams where in order to make a sale, the so called mold expert uses a scare tactic that mold is going to go everywhere and cause serious health conditions.


If you feel at all pressured, I can re assure you that that’s not a true honest mold professional giving you advice.

Now If you feel that your getting symptoms from it, the best thing is to vacate just until the results are returned from lab. Based on performing over 700 crawl space mold jobs, we have found only 10% of those have crossed contaminated into the inside of the dwelling.

We have found that crawl spaces that have door way access into a lower basement and connected to the crawl space are most often the cause particularly if the Hvac equipment is located there. And mold in the crawls space of your home, well, it can be a hazard to you and your family.

If the mold tests return with no signs or are lower than the outside, then there is really no need to worry about any health issues.

Remember, the second you walk out the door,your exposed to fungi everywhere, so if the inside is lower than the outside spore count then most people do not react to mold symptoms. Our professional opinion it should be about 25% less.

The Other Measures To Take About Mold.

The other measure to look at, is the inside levels of spore type should be very similar to the ones to the outside.

If there is a mold that is dominating inside and there is no trace of it anywhere outside,then there is a potential issue.

As a close, crawl space mold should be cleaned even if the affects have not entered inside,the source should be detected and stopped first,but this protocol we believe strongly in as it gives property owners time to get fair crawl space mold removal bids.

When receiving crawl space mold removal bids, ask the big question ” How long is your warranty “?

Here at Twin Home Experts, we offer up to a 25 year warranty on our mold projects…

Hope this helped,

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