Full Transcript:
Plumber: I’m here with our customer, Barbara, and today’s a big day for Barbara because her kitchen sink she hasn’t really been able to use because the garbage disposal just fell, and all the water damage it’s created some mold as well back here.

So here at the Twin Home Experts, we’re gonna go ahead and remove that, remove some of her wet floor here and provide a brand new cabinet, counter top, faucet. So we want to do the before shot here. Barbara, are you excited to get this started?

Barbara: Yes.

Plumber: Okay. And so we will be back in a few days after this is all completed. Thanks, Barbara.

Barbara: Thank you.

Plumber: All done with the kitchen. It’s been about three days now, and Barbara and Kylie here get to see it for the first time. Let’s go ahead and walk in. New floors, new kitchen counters.

Barbara: Look at…

Kylie: Oh, wow!

Barbara: Yeah, the counter’s gone.

Plumber: It came out really, really nice.

Barbara: I like it better.

Kylie: It’s beautiful.

Barbara: And the plumbing works.

Plumber: Remember, Barbara, your garbage disposal…

Barbara: Yeah.

Plumber: Everything was full of mold.

Barbara: Oh yeah.

Junior: Look at all this now. Here’s your brand new faucet, pull out spray. And then you chose the white with the black to match the…

Kylie: I like these handles.

Plumber: Remember before you guys didn’t have any. What I love too about the new kitchen is remember, Barbara, you had that little cabinet with the little storage where your blender…now we’ve created the counter top to go all the way around to your cook top.

Barbara: That’s perfect. It’s so beautiful.

Plumber: It came out nice, didn’t it?

Barbara: It’s beautiful.