Full Transcript:
Dave: Hello, folks. Dave Schuelke here with the Twin Home Experts. Today, we’re here at one of those Twin Acts of Kindness. We received a call from our customer, Jeanine, who basically expressed that water was leaking everywhere in her bathroom, hardwood floors. She was very frantic. She also expressed that she didn’t have the money due to major medical bills. She’d just started undergoing chemotherapy. So we’ve got a little surprise for her, and we wanted to share this little story with you. So come check it out.

So here we are in her bathroom. Take a look at her toilet. It’s 25 years old. It’s all rusted inside, old toilet seat, flops around. Okay, guys, we’re excited to put in a brand new toilet for her. She has no idea so wait and stay tuned for the next little scene here.

Come take a look at your new toilet. There’s your brand new toilet.

Jeanine: Wow! Oh, my God. That looks so amazing.

Dave: Well, in honor of our, my brother and I’s, Twin Acts of Kindness, and you’re expressing all the medical bills and all the challenges that you’re going through, we wanted to go ahead and offer our services and a free toilet to you in honor of your challenges and hopefully this has helped you because we…

Jeanine: A tremendous, tremendous help, more than you guys would ever know. And I’m deeply, deeply appreciative, and I couldn’t ask for two better guys. You guys came as soon as I was frantic and called to your front, and you even cancelled your appointment that you were on your way to. And you came right to me, and you made me feel at ease, as frantic as I was. And I am…from the bottom of my heart, I cannot express my gratitude and my appreciation to you both.

Dave: Well, we saw that in you as well. That’s why we wanted to do this for you.

Jeanine: Oh my God…