Hey, Jim here with the Twin Home Experts. Today we’re going to talk about mildew or fungi around the outside of your eaves in the garage or the home. Come on over here. We’ll show you what we’re doing here.

Prior to us treating this, there was a bunch of spotty mold throughout the undermount of this garage. So what we did is we used our product to get rid of the mold as well as the stain. Then, the second step is what we’re doing here with Ben. We’re going ahead and putting a sealer, or what we call is an inhibitor, so the mold doesn’t grow back. We’re going to go ahead and show you exactly what that step is. Ben, go ahead.

That requires, obviously, you can see Ben wearing a respirator, a Tyvex suit, as well as a five gallon bucket with the premixed solution, and a paint sprayer. Keep in mind, if you take this on as a homeowner, it’s very important to wet the foundation first so the chemical, or treated solution, doesn’t stain your materials.

We just wanted to show you a few steps and some guidance on mold treatment, mildew treatment on the outside of your home. Thanks for watching.