Black mold under the kitchen sinkWhen it comes to black mold under kitchen sinks, The Twin Home Experts have had our fair share of mitigating very light to very heavy mold contamination. There are several reasons why mold begins to grow inside the cabinet. Here are the top five :

1) Small drip from drain pipes

2) Water supply lines leaking slowly over time

3) Loose caulking around sink and/or faucet

4) Leaking water filter lines

5) Leaking dishwasher hoses and connections

We just received a call from a customer in Thousand Oaks who had a long time leak from a p trap under his kitchen sink. He hadn’t noticed until he began to detect a musty odor emanating from his cabinet while using the sink. This is a sign of severe “off gas” coming from the mold, check out the photos of cabinet’s condition. This can cause a very toxic environment within the dwelling, especially when cabinet doors are being opened and closed. The spores spread and begin to cross into other parts of home. This is when people living in the home begin to feel an allergic reaction, particularly when the immune system is compromised, such as with the elderly or children.

When it comes to the remediation of black mold under kitchen sinks, there are several solutions to consider before ripping out the entire cabinet and discarding it. Some homeowners just feel more comfortable with that, but some want a more non-invasive approach. The condition of the materials such as dry wall or parts of the cabinet, determines what really needs to be cut and removed.

Mold removal under a kitchen sink can range anywhere from $750.00 on the low to $5,500.00 on the high, depending on how much needs to be removed and restored.

At The Twin Home Experts, we are here to help so if you have any questions or already have mold, and would like a Free Mold Remediation Estimate, please contact us today. Thank you for reading our blog!