Full Transcript:

Hello folks, Jim here with The Twin Home Experts. Today we want to talk to you about what our free mold estimate entails.

So basically, what it entails is arriving to the job…we’ll have an instrument like this, it’s a moisture meter, and free estimates include visible mold. A lot of times we get calls where there’s no mold and there’s nothing to really detect and in order for us to determine if there’s any contamination, that would be either by performing an air test or a swab test if there’s any suspect areas, and that would require a cost for the lab fees as well, but let’s go back to the free mold estimate.

A situation like this, we got called out for kitchen sink mold. As you can see, this is completely visible. So we come out and actually perform a moisture test to see if there are still moisture readings. As you can see, this still shows heavy moisture. 

So what a free mold estimate would include is us coming out, assessing the damage and then putting three different solutions to you for remediation. A lot of our customers like our free estimates, because we do come up with three different solutions based on, how long you’re going to live in the home, who’s living in the home, and your financial needs and goals. All right? Well, hopefully this helped and as always, thanks for watching!