Since 1982, all of us here at The Twin Plumbers have always cared about our reputation, even before the Internet. Today we still hold a 98% customer retention rate. Before the Internet, it was all word of mouth – when something went wrong, customers would simply call in and request to speak to us. They would express their frustrations, and it would get resolved quickly by polite and respectful verbal communication.

In today’s business environment, we truly understand the value in online presence and reputation. In fact, it’s critical and almost vital, especially to a service business such as us, to maintain a positive one.

When customers contact us from online, one of the first websites they do research on is Yelp. This is a review site that has positioned themselves as number one on almost all search results for most service business. The reason we know this, even though we hold a strong 4 star rating, a customer will want to ask our team member about some of our negative reviews before booking an appointment.

Top Plumbing Company Los Angeles with 5 star Yelp Reviews

Here is where as a business owner, we have no control over what people express, whether it’s a real customer, or a competitor attempting to lower our rating to acquire more business for himself.


For example look at this review on our Yelp page from a Brian on 8/2013:

“BAD Experience- Would NOT recommend.

This experience happened in our restaurant in Los Angeles.  We called Schuelke Plumbing to locate an under slab hot water leak that our plumber said we had.  Since our plumber does not do under slab detection, he recommended that we call a company that provides such a service. The one he recommended was booked, so we found Schuelke online a gave them a call.

Well, we are out $89, with nothing but a completely incorrect diagnosis.  The tech that came out from Schuelke insisted that we had a defective water heater (one day old) and not an under slab leak that was the reason for our lack of hot water.  Well, he was wrong, and the tech that just left from another company located not one, but three under slab leaks.  There was water constantly flowing out the leaks and through the water heater, so water did not have a chance to heat up in the heater.  Yes, one of the leaks is huge.

When we called the Schuelke plumbing office to complain about the fact that we had just paid for a misdiagnosis by their tech, they said, “sorry,” but that they could not refund the money because the tech had made the trip. Wow! Not only was Schuelke Plumbing’s tech incompetent, and misdiagnoser, but their customer service didn’t even care!”


We searched our customer database and could not find this customer and for sure have never serviced him. Furthermore, there is no leak detection company  in this town who would perform an underground slab leak detection call for $89.00 much less us. Our fee is $200.00 and if we cannot find the leak, we do not charge, so this entire review is false. We even attempted several times to contact him through Yelp with no response.

We want to provide some real statistics and show you how our Yelp reviews can be much greater if more of our happy customers would take the time to write their positive experiences, or if the positive reviews that we also have on actually made it online. But as the adage says, “Happy customers tell 3 friends, unhappy customers tell 3,000.”

Here at The Twin Plumbers, we perform 50 to 75 service calls per day in Los Angeles. Think for a second about that – Add them and multiply by 365 days, that’s approximately 20 thousand customers a year we serve.


On Yelp today we only have 71 posted reviews. We are proud to service that many customers and that we have a great presence online, but more importantly we have a huge return customer base offline that online consumers never know about.

The only recourse we have is to take both the bad and good reviews as a way to make ourselves better. We even went to the extreme and built an in-house customer care training facility in our warehouse.


The purpose of the warehouse is to better serve you, to increase training for our technicians, to perfect the technology ,and to improve communication practices, ultimately giving you a better overall experience.
More importantly, please understand that we are a company that you can openly communicate with and we are on your side at all times. If you give us a chance – or any good plumbing business a chance to make it right – then YOU the customer will always be taken care of.

We hoped this helped to give you insight on  “our side of the fence ” when it comes to negative Yelp reviews or online reviews. And more importantly, we hope you better understand who and what we really stand for underneath those negative reviews.


At the end of the day, we certainly are not perfect but just give us a chance and we will always make it right! As always, thank you for reading our online review blog today and call us for any plumbing needs you have!