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Don’t want your yard to look like the picture for this blog? Then you need to look into trenchless!
When we first heard about trenchless sewer replacement in 1996, we knew we were going to be part of something great for our customers and a business that would take off the minute we were trained and certified. Being one of the first companies here in the Los Angeles areas to go trenchless, we sure love educating our customers everything there is to know about it. Today we wanted to cover one of the biggest question we still to this day get and that’s ” What are the advantages of using trenchless?” Well, besides the biggest concern and — namely the money savings — we wanted to give you our list of the top 20 repairs benefits to having trenchless plumbing done on your home. So here they are: 

    1. Restores cracked pipes
    2. Eliminates root intrusion
    3. Close holes in pipe walls
    4. Seals bottomless cast iron from years of wear
    5. Storm drain lines sealed 
    6. Vertical drain lines in walls sealed 
    7. Pipe can be restored from 2feet to 100feet long 
    8. Bridge missing gaps and offsets
    9. Prevent EX filtration
    10. Meets EPA standards
    11. Meets ANSI /NSF 14 certified
    12. Prevents root growth from occurring
    13. Carries a 50 year warranty design life
    14. No maintenance after installation
    15. Restores pipe sizes from 2″ to 8″ 
    16. No street asphalt access needed
    17. No major excavation needed
    18. Prevents sewer gas from omitting
    19. Internal walls are slick, so nothing sticks preventing back ups. 
    20. Single point access needed

There are times, that trenchless is not applicable, and would be a disadvantage, in turn cost you more money.We always tell our customers to get a few bids, a good sewer contractor should always provide you some great options, with the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can make an educated decision. A trenchless technique like epoxy lining could save you hundreds — you just need to look for the plumber in your area who has access to the right tools.


    1. Existing Host pipeline is fully cleaned with hydro jetter 
    2. Video sewer camera is inserted to verify if the pipe can receive lining.
    3. One small hole is excavated about 3′ by 4′ to expose pipe
    4. One section of felt liner material is treated with Epoxy resins
    5. Lining is inserted into pipe with a calibration tube of air expanding balloon against the inner walls of the old pipe.
    6. Lining is Cured in place as resins cook and harden.
    7. Calibration tube is deflated and removed
    8. Sewer camera inserted into new line to verify results. 
    9. Water Flow test by flushing toilet paper 
    10. Pipe re-lining is permanent stand alone new pipeline.

Here’s a video of the Twin Plumbers in action to help you see what epoxy lining does! It’s the trenchless sewer replacement of the future.

Thanks for reading our trenchless blog today, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office, we also would love the opportunity to provide you an estimate on your sewer project.