Here at the Twin Plumbers, we believe our most valuable plumbing tool of all is our video camera. But it’s not just any video camera: it’s a state-of-the-art sewer drain diagnostic tool, and it represents some of the most advanced plumbing technology in the field.

A sewer camera inspection is procedure wherein a plumber comes to your home and threads a camera-tipped cable through your pipe via an access port in your basement. The video camera projects a complete and colored image of the inside of the pipes onto a small external monitor in real time so that the plumber can see exactly what is going on inside of your sewer system. From there, we can make an accurate and speedy appraisal of what needs to be done for your plumbing and how we ought to do it.

Why is sewer camera inspection so important?

First and foremost: you can’t fix a plumbing problem you can’t see.

Some other plumbers who haven’t invested in sewer camera inspection equipment might still need to use primitive diagnostics and even damaging exploratory procedures that just don’t get the job done right. See, the reason you need a sewer camera inspection is because it’s a trenchless method of finding leaks, clogs, and other forms of drain damage that could potentially impact the health, safety, and convenience of your home. Whenever we show up to a home, our first step is to perform a sewer camera inspection on their plumbing in order to precisely pinpoint where the problem lies. From there, we can deliver the options for how to fix the issue so that the Los Angeles homeowner can decide what the most affordable and most cost effective means will be for their home.

Here are some situations where you’ll want to call the Twin Plumbers for sewer camera inspection:

  • You have a bad odor in your kitchen or bathroom and you can’t find the source.
  • There’s a slab leak that’s causing problems in your plumbing but you can’t locate it.
  • Recurring clogs can be a sign that there are other issues with your pipes an inspection could find.
  • If your plumbing system is older than 20 years or is made with outdated material.

Weak plumbing materials include Orangeburg, cast iron, and terra cotta — they have some advantages, but ultimately PEX piping is much better. Are you not sure what your pipes are made of? Knowing could save you a lot of trouble, and a sewer camera inspection could help.

Of course, all Twin Plumbers customers and frequent visitors of our blog know that another of our favorite tools is the other kind of video camera — the type that Dave and Jim use to shoot informational videos to help our Los Angeles homeowners! Here is a video we made about sewer camera inspection and what it can do for your home:

Right now, the Twin Plumbers are offering free camera inspection! You have absolutely nothing to lose by having your plumbing checked by an experts for issues. Call today!

We hope, as always, that this blog has been helpful to you!