Hot Showers Can Cause Mold to Grow in Your Shower

Each time that you step into the shower, does it seem like an area of it is getting darker and darker by the minute? image

If the answer is yes, then you more than likely have mold or mildew that loves the conditions that you are providing them with on a daily basis.

At The Twin Home Experts, we have seen our fair share of mold growth in showers. We certainly do not take this problem lightly and want to provide you with some pertinent information about the causes and treatments that can help you and your family shower or bathe in a better environment.

Here is a before video of a mold job we just completed in a shower that had no windows surrounding it, as well as an old exhaust fan:

The family whose shower appears in the above video was taking very hot showers and left their doors completely closed. Most people love taking hot showers, but there are consequences if you are not aware of the damaging affects that it can cause the materials in one’s bathroom over a period of time if there is no air movement.

If you do have adequate ventilation, then your problem might be a plumbing issue that is causing fungi to form on walls or ceilings. If this is the case, test the fixtures above the location from the drain lines to whatever is located directly above the affected area.

When treating mold in the shower, we do not recommend wiping it with bleach. The mold will remain and even grow stronger, as bleach is made up a good portion of water. If you do not want to pay for a professional to inspect the mold, we suggest purchasing a good sporocide solution. Please make sure, though, that it is not a harsh chemical, which could call for a high-end respirator.

At The Twin Home Experts, we always recommend wearing some rubber gloves and a mask that will fend off particulates from entering into your respiratory system. This is particularly important if your sensitive to allergens or have a weak immune system.