How Can I Find Out If I Have Mold In My Walls?

Not long ago, The Twin Home Experts were called out to inspect a drain line leak inside of a wall. The odors that were described in the room from the tenants were a mixture of dampness, moldiness, and sewage. The tenants were quite concerned because they spotted mold on the outside wall and they were nervous that there might be mold present on the inside wall, as well. Mold Services in Los Angeles

We strongly believe that every plumber should invest in and have the proper tools to perform the best diagnostics for their customers. Additionally, we think that every plumber should be able to educate their customers well. We started using moisture readers as a part of our diagnostic work, and over the years, we have found that our customers have been more than appreciative. Moisture devices answer many questions not only for customers, but it also tells the story of what is taking place from pipe leaks in a wall, floor or ceiling.

As you can see in the above video, we found moisture levels to be extremely high. That is always a good indication that mold will be present inside the walls. Subsequently, the best place to start with answering the question of whether mold is present inside of your walls or not is by using a moisture detection device or a infrared camera. This is because where there is moisture, there is more than likely mold. When it comes to in-wall mold, we always tell our customers that it is not as bad as visible mold. In-wall mold is not being released into the air as much as exposed mold is, so you do have a bit more time to remediate. Another device to detect mold inside of a wall is using a micro camera. This strategy will require a small hole for the camera tip to enter through.

Another way to determine if you have mold inside of a wall is by hiring a company that can perform a “wall cavity mold test.” This will require a small incision to be made into your wall. Air is then extracted from inside of the wall for at least two minutes. This will also require an outside test for the baseline. The test should then be sent to a lab and you should get results within 24 to 48 hours. The cost for testing is around $250 to

We sure hope we answered your questions and provided some insight about mold that might be living inside of your walls. Please contact us anytime if you’re in need of further info. As always, thank you for visiting our site today!