Moisture in Culver City

Prevent Basement Flooding With a Storm Drain

Embedded within your foundation, storm drains route groundwater into the storm system to stop it from seeping into your home. It may seem obvious now why you should have one installed, but in case you need more convincing, here is a list of additional benefits.

Benefits of Storm Drains

  1. Storm drains prevent water caused by heavy rain fall from building up against the foundation of your home. They also help keep the interior of your foundation dry.
  2. They relieve water pressure.
  3. Storm drains also protect parts of your property that are prone to water damage. If water gets into those areas, precious mementos that you have stored there could get ruined. We know you definitely don’t want that.

Just because they are an essential part of your home’s plumbing system doesn’t mean that they are fault-proof. Problems can arise when these storm drains get filled with washed up silt.

When that silt sits and builds up, it will eventually block the flow of ground water getting into the storm drain. If water can’t get to the storm drain, it won’t be able to make its way to the municipal system which means it gets backed up into your basement or crawl space and foundation. Then – that’s right – water will leak right through.

There is a way to prevent this storm drain problem, though, and that is to install a clean-out. Clean-outs help to reestablish the steady flow of water and get the drains moving as they should. It also relieves pressure and stops the silt from hardening and causing clogs.

We also suggest calling our team in to maintain the storm drain periodically to ensure it’s in proper working order.

For a storm drain installation, service, or repair trust the plumbers who always give twice the service, and twice the care. Call The Twin Plumbers today!