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Trenchless vs. Excavation: When We Need to Dig

We wish we could say that excavation is never necessary, but that’s just not the truth. Before we get into scenarios that would require some digging, we first must discuss your sewer line.

The sewer line a vital part of your plumbing system that’s often left unattended to because of its location – underground, hidden, and out of sight. Leaving it unchecked and without maintenance for a long period of time, though, can be troublesome. Tree roots will make their way into the line, grow, expand, and clog it up or – even worse – cause it to break.

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Once the roots get into your line, a plumber’s snake will just not do the trick. We have a few other repair methods up our sleeve – water jetting being one of them – that we will use before considering the replacement route.

If, however, all of our efforts are met with resistance, replacement, and thus excavation, will become a necessary evil.

How The Twin Plumbers Will Know You Need Excavation

The excavation route is used as a last resort, but in some cases it is the only option available. We’ll know if your line is beyond repair if:

  1. Your drain has collapsed or sheared.
  2. When we pull the cable out of the line for inspection we see mud, clay or a shiny surface on the cutting head. That indicates that the line has not only broken, but also that a clog has formed.
  3. The tree roots have grown so big that the water jetting equipment won’t be enough to clear it.

Don’t let the word excavation scare you. While it can be an intensive job, rest assured that our team won’t leave you to clean up the mess alone. We will be there from the beginning to the end, clean up included!

Call The Twin Plumbers today for excellent service, and a quick, efficient sewer replacement!