Thousand Oaks’ Schuelke Twin Plumbers Will Help Get You the Coverage You Need

We have replaced, repaired, and rehabilitated thousands of feet of sewer lines here at The Twin Plumbers. Sewer lines can be very costly to repair, especially when the problem continues out to the city street connection. Many homeowners want to immediately contact their homeowners insurance company, which can be an uphill battle for any type of coverage, unless of course, the property owner has a specific additional sewer line coverage within the policy.

When it comes to damage done to your property caused by plumbing leaks, insurance companies cover quite a bit of the repairs. When it comes to drainage systems that fail, however, there is a very fine line as to what they will cover when it comes to the actual replacement of the pipe.

Here at The Twin Plumbers, we have dealt with many insurance companies related to sewer repairs and claims. The biggest questions that an adjuster will want to know and understand right away are: What caused the sewer line to fail? Was it due to roots? Was it wear and tear? Was it outside the structure of the property? Depending on what the answers to these questions are will determine whether or not you’re covered.

Sewer line insurance coverage is also dependent on the investigation or diagnostic from the plumbing contractor. In fact, it’s vital to hire the right contractor; the one who is well informed on sewer and drain lines, has the right sewer camera equipment, location equipment, and can produce the right and accurate reporting for the adjuster.

We were able to get sewer line coverage for a Los Angeles customer who had a main line blockage that caused it to abruptly separate. That resulted in the line leaking and breaking into the system. The adjuster agreed and paid for the line, as well as all the damages that it had caused to the property.

Another customer was able to get full coverage from their insurer for sewer line replacement because the ABS joint to the pipe was never glued below the slab foundation. So again, depending on what your  specific issue is will determine the coverage.

We always recommend contacting your agent directly for more information on your existing policy. And remember there is additional sewer line coverage that you can purchase if you are looking into getting a new policy.

Well, we sure hope this information was helpful, and as always thank you for reading The Twin Plumbers’ blog! Call us if you ever need a sewer line replacement, and we promise to try and get you the coverage you need!