How To: Choose the Right Trenchless Sewer Replacement Company

Here at The Twin Plumbers in Los Angeles, we understand that your yard isn’t just a place where you and your family play; it’s a work of art. Every blade of grass has been carefully planted, seeded, and watered, so your yard not only looks good – it looks like it belongs in the backdrop of a Hollywood smash hit.

So when we inform our clients that we have to repair their broken sewer and drain pipes, we’re often greeted with a horrified look.

But not to worry!  Using a trenchless sewer replacement system in Los Angeles involves an innovative “no dig” system, which ensures your yard and driveway are left looking absolutely flawless. Essentially, your plumber will use the most up-to-date technologies to fix that broken drain or sewer pipe without tearing apart your yard or driveway to get to the problem area.

Bottom line? With trenchless sewer replacement in Los Angeles, you’ll almost swear your pipes were fixed by magic.

To take advantage of this no-dig system, make sure your plumber follows these steps:

  • Maps out the affected plumbing area, which includes identifying and inspecting the leaks, clogs, and breaches.
  • Clears the affected pipe of obstructions with compressed air, which allows the plumber to begin the epoxy lining.
  • Distributes the lining throughout the pipes using conditioned air, until the lining is fully cured.
  • Refits the plumbing with valves and couplings, after which multiple leak, water flow, and water volume tests should be conducted.
  • Inspects the completed pipe with a camera to confirm seamless piping and water flow.

As you can see, trenchless sewer replacement is a hassle-free approach to fixing those pesky leaks and damaged pipes that are lurking beneath your yard. What’s more, this system makes it possible for you and your family to go on about your daily schedule without making your home look like a warzone.

Interested in hiring a trenchless sewer replacement expert in Los Angeles?  Ask them how they approach the process – and use this article as an answer sheet. If you find a plumbing service that matchesthe above steps, consider your search over: you’ve found yourself a winner.

For more information about trenchless sewer replacement in Los Angeles, give The Twin Plumbers a call today!