Homeowner Tips: Plumbing Problems to Watch For

Why do we want to answer this question? Well, because here at The Twin Plumbers, we are so passionate about giving insight and knowledge to the plumbing trade. We hope that we can make a difference and help the consumer when buying their first home, or the existing homeowner that doesn’t have a clue on how to be proactive. If I have done that, then I have done my job, which I truly love!

There are so many things that make up your home when it comes to your  plumbing system, so it can be tough to determine what problems will be costly and which will not.

As we all know, your plumbing system is made up of water, gas, drains and a venting system. They run underground, through your attic, in your walls, out the walls, etc. Because there are so many places for problems to arise, it’s no wonder some are big and some are small.

The biggest and most common issues that cause major problems come with a hefty price tag so let’s start with our top 3.

Top 3 Plumbing Jobs: Why Do They Cost So Much?

1. Sewer Lines: $1,500 to $25,000.

Yes, that’s twenty five thousand dollars!

If you live on a slab foundation and your drains are acting up, like that kitchen sink that keeps getting blocked, even though you keep snaking, it’s better that you get a scoping done. Using the great seer camera, a professional plumber can check it out and take a look at the rest of the drains to ensure there are no additional problems. This can be a huge cost depending on your flooring, or whether the pipe can be rehabilitated.

The other big unforeseen cost is your main sewer line in your yard out to the alley or street , especially if the sewer line was made of Orangeburg or clay pipe.

These pipes are VERY vulnerable to root intrusion or offsets and bellies. They are even bigger problems if you live in an area where the city holds you responsible for the connection in the middle of the street. If this is the case, then you are responsible to dig up the city street and replace what we call the city saddle valve, which in layman’s terms is a tree branch fitting that is tapped into the city’s main sewer line.

2. Water Lines: $1,500 to $10,000.

Water lines run all over the property, from the city-provided meter to your home, then off to sprinklers, the hot water heater, through the walls, under slab and sometimes in the attic.

If you have the old galvanized piping that’s causing leaks , or major rust and low water pressure then this could be a big expense.

The other major costs could be the outside plumbing running underground feeding sprinklers and the home. If you have galvanized piping, the soil eats it away or the inner walls calcify causing major low water pressure/ volume issues. A good sign of that is while you’re in the shower and someone goes to flush a toilet and water volume drops.

If you have pinhole leaks or slab leaks, then this could cause major water damage issues inside the home.

3. Hot Water Recirculating System: $900.00 to $5,000.

We wanted to separate this system out even though it falls under water lines because we really want to make it a point that this is and will pose major problems if not dealt with.

Your water heater probably comes with a pump. This pump looks like a round head, comes in a brown or red color, and is usually made by Grunfos (a great brand, by the way!) If you do not have the proper piping, serious problems may arise.

What do we mean by “proper piping?” Well, if you have a small diameter copper pipe and it’s type M, then there is a good chance that you will have issues. So please look at the set up. It’s worth paying a local plumber to identify and educate you on options to be proactive. If you are a DIY consumer, then this could be a fun project and definitely rewarding long-term.

Some of these costs associated with these stated above plumbing issues are the costs of water damage and reconstruction, not including the major inconvenience factors.

Well we hope we helped you in at least what to look for in your home, or what you can expect when purchasing a home. Please, use this top 3 lists of plumbing associated costs when making a decision. Trust us, it will give you more of a peace of mind.

Thank you for your time and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call The Twin Plumbers today!