Hydro Jetting Completely Cleans Pipes, Leaving Them Like New

As a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced a drain clog at least once. Which means you may have heard of both drain snaking and hydro jetting as possible solutions. It can be tough to decide which route to go, especially to the untrained.

In many cases, it will be left up to the plumber to choose which method is best for clearing your drains, as they will know how severe the clog is. But, just so you are in the loop, it will be good for you to understand the difference, and in what scenarios each would be used.

Snakes vs. Jetting: What’s the Difference?

Plumbing snakes, or cables, have a long metal tube on one end and a crank on the other. The metal tube has a cable on the inside that uses corkscrew blades to push through and break up the debris clogging your drain.

This method is great for minor clogs, like ones that a plunger won’t fix or ones that haven’t taken a stronghold in your plumbing.

Benefits of a Plumbing Snake:

1. If too much resistance is met when we use the plumbing snake, we’ll know that there’s a bigger problem. It allows us to catch it before that problem has a chance to seriously damage your plumbing.
2. You can buy one of these at the store. Though not as powerful or efficient as a professionals plumbing snake, you can pick one up for those times when you think you can handle the clog on your own.

When snaking just isn’t enough, that’s when we break out the big guns, also known as hydro jets. Hydro jets use a powerful stream of water that is sent quickly down your pipes to completely obliterate any obstructions. This method is perfect for getting rid of those pesky tree roots that strangle and block your pipes.

Before we actually send the water into your pipes, though, we’ll perform a video camera inspection to determine the cause of the clog and to learn about the condition of your pipes so we know exactly what water pressure to use without causing damage.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting:

    1. It does more than break up a clog – it returns your pipes back to their original condition, making them like new.
    2. It removes debris build up on the walls of your pipes.
    3. Hydro jetting is a permanent solution. You won’t see any clogs in the near future after we jet your pipes.

When you call The Twin Plumbers, we will examine your pipes closely so we can come up with the best drain cleaning option for you, and perform the job on the spot with your approval. Don’t wait – call us today!