Don’t Let Your Insurance Policy Confuse You – Just Ask The Twins!

Here at The Twin Plumbers, we have dealt with well over 5,000 successful insurance claims due to plumbing disasters ranging in cost from $2,500to $300,000 in property damages.

Underground basement leak home plumbing flood

When it comes to full coverage, property owners sometimes get confused with their policies. In fact, 30% of homeowners with insurance have no clue as to what they are covered for or not covered for. Going through the insurance process can be overwhelming, especially when you have a plumbing leak on your hands and property that is damaged.

Homeowners insurance companies have different coverage policies that will reflect on what type of problems will apply. Here are some of the general coverages and non-coverages caused by a plumbing leak.

Typical Problems Insurance Will Cover:

  1. Sudden burst pipe, whether it’s a drain pipe or water pipe
  2. Overflowing drain caused by a soft stoppage
  3. They will cover all water damages to flooring, walls, ceiling, and all materials that were related to the leak.
  4. Remediation work to dry down the structure and materials
  5. Reconstruction work that is related to the claim: painting, patching, flooring, etc.
  6. All leak detection and investigated work that needs to be done to determine the location and cause.
  7. Gaining access to the pipe or break, such as opening the wall, ceilings, or concrete, to perform the repair or stop the leak.
  8. Personal belongings that were damaged from the loss.
  9. Asbestos removal in order to perform the remediation properly and conform to the rules and regulations
  10. Content remediation such as rugs, furniture, and paintings that were damaged due to loss

For more information on insurance coverage for plumbing leaks, give us a call today. Also, look out for our Part 2 blog post next week to learn more!

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