Twin Plumbers Offer ‘Lifetime Warranty’ on Black Mold Removal

Here at The Twin Plumbers mold remediation department, we have seen the most common types of household molds that are found indoors, such as Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and

The “black mold” is mostly referred as Stachybotrys (also known as Stachybotrys Atra) which is a greenish-black mold that can also be found indoors. Stachybotrys grows on household surfaces that have high cellulose content, such as wood, fiberboard, gypsum board, paper, dust, and lint.

Black molds reproduce by forming tiny spores that are not visible to the naked eye. Mold spores are very hardy and can survive under conditions in which mold cannot grow, such as in dry and harsh environments. These spores travel through outdoor and indoor air. When the mold spores land on a surface where moisture is present, mold can then start to grow.

We have seen here at The Twin Plumbers that black mold grows heavily around hot water heater leaks and hot water line leaks under basements, attics and crawlspaces. We just completed a huge black mold removal project in a condo where it cross contaminated into another unit from a drain line inside a wall.

When it comes to black mold removal services here in the Los Angeles area, make sure that the remediation company takes extra precaution in the scope of work by building tight containments, performing deep air scrubbing and sanitization processes, performing HEPA vacuuming and always including additional antimicrobial wipe down to all materials.

Customers love using our black mold removal services here in Los Angeles because we not only have great mold removal certifications and use the most advanced safe products on the market, but we actually get to the source and repair what is causing the damp, moisture environment that black mold thrives on.

Our customers also appreciate that we offer our “lifetime warranty” with our black mold inhibitor application. This is a solution that gets applied to all the surfaces and materials where mold will never grow again.

We hope this was helpful in answering your questions or concerns on black mold removal. If you’re in need of any services related to mold removal, leak detection, water damage or plumbing repairs, The Twin Plumbers are here to help. As always, thank you for reading our blog!