Ask Your Agent What Your Policy Covers

So, still curious about whether or not slab leaks are covered under your homeowner’s insurance? Well, we’re glad you came back to learn more!

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In some cases, insurance companies may refuse to cover something you might have expected they would. For example, if a pipe is leaking in the soil below the slab, it might turn out that your provider has that under their exclusions in the policy. They may claim that it’s beyond the structure of the property. Actually, that’s why 99% of leaks that are outside but cause indoor damage are not covered—the leak is not within the four walls. Other reasons for non-coverage are defective materials, wear and tear, and old age.

If you have a good insurance company like State Farm or Farmers Insurance, they are typically pretty good about covering the initial leak detection, the dry down, and the reconstruction. But what they will not typically cover is the actual plumbing repair. For that, the property owner usually has to pay that out of pocket.

It’s always a good idea to hire the right plumbing contractor—one who understands the entire process, has experience working with insurance companies, has the software that insurance companies require to determine the right and fair pricing, can write a very detailed report with moisture readings and most of all, can communicate with the adjuster. These are all very important in order to determine if damage caused by a slab leak will be covered.

Well, we hope we gave you some insight into slab leak insurance coverage—please contact us if you have any other questions. And as always, thank you for reading our blog today!