Schuelke Twin Plumbers Help You Choose the Best Mold Removal Company

When you’re faced with a serious mold issue, there are some important steps you should take and understand before having a Los Angeles or Phoenix mold contractor come out for estimates.

We always recommend to our customers here at The Twins Mold Removal that they should establish the scope of work they want completed. For example, Are they seeking one contractor to locate where the source is coming from or just want the mold to be removed? twins-mold-removal

Finding the source of the underlying moisture issue is critical. Otherwise, you can be faced with more mold later down the line. This step is also important so that you can get multiple quotes from contractors based on the same scope of work.

If you are having a hard time defining the work that needs to be done, and you don’t know anybody knowledgeable enough to help you out, here is our sure method to get you the guidance you need.

Use separate contractors for defining the work and performing the work. For example, call a contractor in to take a look at the situation and give you a description of the work to be done, telling him/her up front that you will not be hiring him for the actual clean up. You just want a consultation.
This may cost a little extra for the consultation, but for the peace of mind that you are getting an honest opinion with no self-interest attached makes it well worth it.

Now it’s time to be inviting contractors to place a quote. Once you are comfortable with the job that needs to be accomplished, type up an outline of the tasks, your requests, and have your questions ready.

Having your written notes in hand will give off a good impression to the contractors that you are very organized and prepared and that you will demand the same from them.

Here is an example of what questions you should ask, along with requests:

  1. What methods of mold removal do you perform?
  2. What certifications are you trained in?
  3. How will you protect my home during the work
  4. How long is your warranty?
  5. Can you submit all our insurances along with your estimate?
  6. What is your payment schedule? (Never pay the entire contract up front)
  7. What type of products do you use?
  8. Will you repair leaky faucet and pipes near the sink.?
  9. Are you going properly dry the work area?
  10. Clean up area with HEPA vacuum
  11. All work to be completed in same day
  12. Can you include and make a follow-up inspection in 30 days to ensure problem is resolved.?
  13. Area should be free of moisture, mold, and mold odor.
  14. Along with quote, submit 3 references from previous customers

With this outline, you could always call a few contractors by phone and get some sort of idea what the cost will be ahead of time. Here at The Twins, we provide phone quotes all the time to customers in Los Angeles that are fully prepared and can even provide some photos of the mold damage. If not, it’s always better to visit on site and see the actual work that needs to be remediated.

Now, on to selecting the mold contractor. Once you’ve sized up the contractors and have received their quotes, it’s time to choose.

Whenever you are having somebody work on your home, you want to make sure you select the best contractor for the price. There are thousands of home repair horror stories from property owners who just went for the lowest price and, believe us, we have seen where it actually costs more in the long run by fixing others mistakes.

You really want to choose your contractor based on your gut. If you feel he met all of your credentials above, he has a good demeanor, and you feel safe with him in your home, that’s always a good method for hiring.

Well, we sure hope this provided you some good information on hiring a mold contractor. If you would like some more information or want to give us an opportunity we would love to help – call us today!