Homeowner Tip: Cancel the Contract in 3 Days to Save Yourself Any Hassle

Here at The Twin Plumbers, we get calls for second opinions as well as going in and cleaning up messy plumbing jobs from other contractors.

So if you’re going through a bad experience with your plumbing company that you have hired for your project, and you see that it’s not going anywhere positive, then you have some rights that we here at The Twin Plumbers  want to share with you in today’s post. bad-contracto

If your project just started out within 3 days, you actually are in really good hands. Immediately contact the plumbing contractor, preferably in writing, and notify him/ her that you want to halt and cancel your contract.

More than likely, if you’re having a really bad experience, it’s because the contractor did not follow the rules of the CSLB and this is where you are highly protected as a consumer.

California Legal Written Law

Contracting with a Contractor: The Homeowner’s Rights to Cancel:

“Homeowners who enter into contracts with contractors to improve, remodel or repair their homes almost always have a right to cancel the contract, without any penalty or obligation, within three business days after signing the contract. A homeowner may also have a right to cancel a contract after three days in limited, extraordinary, situations.

The homeowner’s cancellation rights are created by both state and federal laws. This Legal Guide explains the applicability and the procedural requirements of the following cancellation provisions: (California’s Home Solicitation Sales Act – allows the buyer in almost any consumer transaction involving $25 or more, which takes place in the buyer’s home or away from the seller’s place of business, to cancel the transaction within three business days after signing the contract).”

If the work is beyond the three days, you still have some recourse if the contract is improperly drafted. Here are some things to look for within the contract or agreement that can get you out or retrieve your money back:

  1. If you paid more than 10% of the total amount or a $1,000.00 deposit upon signing. This is a huge violation according to contractors state license board.
  2. If the contract does not have the license information or if the license is expired.
  3. If city permits were not ever pulled and the work is now concealed.
  4. If the description of work does not have detailed information of materials such as model numbers and make.
  5. If there are no Payment & completion schedules listed on the agreement.
  6. If a three day cancellation notice was not provided to you in the very beginning of signing.
  7. If you paid by credit card and did not sign an approval of all work completed.
  8. If a certain scope of work was not completed or if  materials or fixtures according to the written contract were not installed.(Take photos and document if this is the case.)
  9. If he/her has abandoned the job or has created major delays.
  10. If he/ her has not paid labors, materials, subs that were on your project.

If anyone one of these or more fits your description, the best way to handle it is to contact the CSLB.

Contractors State License Board
They Offer assistance & information to consumer as well as provide excellent advice.

Well, we hope this was informative and helpful. We hate hearing about customers dealing with bad contractors.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact The Twin Plumbers today!