Closeup of a sink S Trap made of white PVC plastic with leak. A

The Twin Plumbers: Water Leak FAQ

You probably know the basics about water leaks – like when you know you have one, you should call The Twin Plumbers immediately! But there’s there’s a lot more to them than that and you deserve to know all the facts, like…

What Causes Leaks to Occur?

The most common causes of leaks in the home come from faulty toilet flappers, dripping faucets, water heaters, and malfunctioning valves. Fortunately, these types of repairs can be easily completed with minimal time and labor. But in the event you find yourself facing a burst pipe or sewer main leak, the repairs may be more difficult.  Either way, no matter how extensive the damage, rest assured The Twin Plumbers can handle it.

How Much Water Can be Wasted if I Have a Leak in My Home?

Here’s a scary fact—it’s possible for leaks to account for about 10,000 gallons of wasted water in the home every single year! To really gauge what that number means—10, 000 gallons is enough to fill a swimming pool!

How Will You Find My Leak?

At The Twin Plumbers, we are technology junkies, so you know we have all the latest in leak detection equipment.  We use advanced methods to track the problem to its source as quickly and efficiently as possible. Between ultrasonic detection, video camera inspection, infrared or smoke inspection, we will find your leak guaranteed or it’s free!

How Will You Repair My Leak?

Ah, the big question! We have three options – traditional repair (which requires excavation of your landscaping), pipe bursting, or slip lining. While we can’t always completely rule out the traditional method because some leaky pipes are way underground and out of reach, if at all possible, we will always go with the two non-invasive approaches. Pipe bursting is that basically tears apart and pushes aside the old plumbing. Then, we attach new plumbing to the end of the device and pull it through the void. Slip lining involves putting a smaller pipe within your existing pipe so that water can flow freely without leaking

For any more water leak questions, feel free to call the experts at The Twin Plumbers today!