Hydro Jetting May be More Worth it in the End

Should you pay your plumber more for a hydro jetting service versus a traditional cabling of your kitchen sewer line? Well, here at The Twin Plumbers, we would like to help you to make a final educated decision.

Underground PVC pipe plumber

Because we believe in helping and providing plenty of options. we hope this can make your decision easier when it comes to all of your drain pipes.

What you must first understand is that kitchen sinks are the most commonly used and abused drains in our household. We get more calls on kitchens drains accompanied by these two common questions: “Can you come clear my kitchen drain?” and “What does it cost?”

The type of drain material and its age will determine the easiness of clearing the stoppage effectively. Most of the time, plumbers get out there to satisfy the needs of the consumer. They will present them with their drain special and run a cable only to find out after multiple tries that they can’t clear the stoppage.

Here’s The Twin Plumbers difference: We run a micro camera to get a visual and even go a little deeper in to find that the drain has been compromised by massive grease and build up. That build up has hardened inside the inner walls, closing up the standard 2-inch pipe size so much that sometimes we aren’t even sure how it drained at all.

If your drains are made of ABS, you’re better off than most homeowners and 80 percent of the time will just need cabling. Sometimes, though, if your ABS  line is compacted and you’ve been having continuous drain issues then you probably have a slope issue.

If you’re on a crawl space, have your plumber crawl the home and check proper fall using a level. You want a minimum of a 1/4 inch per foot. We always recommend that plumbers take a light and photo for proof and documentation to give you more of a peace of mind. If you’re on a slab, then you will need to use a camera and depth location equipment to measure fall.

If your drains are made of cast iron or galvanize, if they are over 30 years old, and if you have been snaking to clear the stoppage to no avail, then you may want to consider hydro jetting.

Yes, traditional snaking is going to be less expensive – especially with all the great online specials – and it does make it easier to shrug off the reality of doing the more expensive option. But, hydro jetting /scrubbing the line will return your pipeline to almost its original size.

Hydro jetting will be your best of options to fully open the line up and give you more of a peace of mind. This procedure works with about 3,0o0 psi and a special nozzle that sprays backwards, chipping away at the hard, massive debris inside the inner walls of the pipe. The cost of hydro jetting can range between $350 to $750, depending on accessibility.

Cabling is great when you have a soft stoppage (potato skins, egg shells , coffee grinds, etc.), This job can range from $150 to $350, depending on accessibility.

Make sure that when your next stoppage happens you ask the plumber to bring a micro camera. This is a great way to determine if you need hydro jetting or if you can pay that wonderful drain special you found online.

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